Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Because "I Love YOU!"

Last Saturday, Jer kept the babies and I was out running errands by myself.  You know that feeling when you are on a date or shopping by yourself and you just feel like you're missing part of yourself!?  Like...I have some quiet time in the car or time to run in and out of stores.....but you just keep missing that little voice who talks non-stop.....or the little baby that coos and watches you with delight. =)

Well, needless to say I returned with a sprinkled doughnut for my Boo...just because I love her!  We've been working on potty training so I've been implementing lots of positive reinforcements.....and we've had lots of great days!  But, we've had days where it seems that we take 10 steps's a training process. =)  So anyways, this one particular day I just wanted to give my Boo a special treat just BECAUSE!  I really don't even think she's ever even tasted a doughnut...I know I tend to be a health nut mommy.  So, I enjoyed every single minute of purchasing her a $0.99 sprinkled chocolate doughnut.  I think I enjoyed watching her savor every bite with that little twinkle in her eyes more than she enjoyed tasting it!  I sure love my baby girl!

It got me to thinking about how our heavenly Father loves us so much more than I will ever be able to love my sweet babies.  Yes, there are times in our lives when He must discipline us...because He loves us and wants what is best for us.  And, yes there are times when we work hard at something and then see a reward as a result.  But, sometimes....God just blesses us because He Loves Us! =)  If Isabella and Jackson never gave me another sweet kiss....or never hugged me or did anything for me...I would still love them so so so very much!  And that is just a taste of how much God loves us and enjoys blessing us....we don't deserve any of the blessings He gives us.  But, sometimes He just wants to bless us...just because He loves us. =)

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