Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 months!!!

Bella sure does love her little brother!

This month Jackson transitioned to sleeping in his crib...and no more swaddle!

He loves his exersaucer!  He's in that stage where he moves from one activity to the next!  Swing, exersaucer, floor gym, bumbo......

He's ready to crawl!  He's just gotta figure out how to GO! =)

Jackson LOVES all the sweet attention from his big sis!  Bella loves to read to him...and pretend she is mommy!

He tried swinging for the first time this month....and LOVES it!

Jackson prefers to be right in the middle of whatever we are doing!  He loves watching Bella do her projects...

He's no long in one place.....he's on the move!

AND he found his feet!  YAY!
He continues to be the sweetest most layed back baby EVER known to man!  Haha!  I just fall more in love with this little guy every day!  He loves to coo....and talk to us....he especially loves when we blow on his bare belly or under his neck....he giggles and giggles and squeals!  It's so so fun!  He is a little chunker....and I love every bit of his chubs!  More to love for sure!  Like I said earlier, he is transitioning to his crib!  He usually takes 2 naps a day.....the first nap is usually in the stroller on our jog.  We run and then let him finish his nap while Bella and I play in the yard. =)  This weather is so perfect!  He usually takes his afternoon nap in the swing.....which he will sleep for 2+ hours.....Yay!  But, he's about to out grow sleeping comfortably in the swing so in to the crib he will nap...very soon!  At night, he goes right to sleep in his bed....
He pretty much just goes along with the flow of our day....the only thing that seems to bother him is the car.  He's not a huge fan of being strapped in a car seat.....but as long as he's full...or can see mommy's face he is fine.  We just started rice cereal this week...usually twice a day.  He loves it!  I'm hoping that adding some calories to his daily intake will help him not wake at night hungry!


7-8ish  Wake/Nurse
9:30     Nap (usually in stroller)
10:30   Wake/Nurse
12:00   Cereal
1:30     Nurse/Nap
4:30     Nurse
7:00     Nurse/Cereal/Nurse
8:00     Bed

(Usually wakes to nurse 2 times......chows down then goes right back to sleep!)

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