Thursday, September 6, 2012

"School Time"

Bella has loved getting back into our little school routine! By "school" I mean...singing rhymes, learning numbers, doing projects....reading books and so on! I'm following the "abc Jesus loves me" curriculum...which I love! It is a perfect guide for us as we integrate learning throughout our day! With Bella, just barely 2, we don't have tons of structure but just enough to keep our day flowing smoothly together! If you are interested in the curriculum google...."abcjesuslovesme". Of course I love supplementing with various resources but I use this as my major source. We will have to post pictures of our projects throughout the year! :)
We have a little board in the kitchen where we keep our flash cards and tactile number/letter cards to practice. And we made the wall in Bella's room above her desk her "project wall". We keep our objectives for the week on the refrigerator so we can be learning all day....while cooking dinner etc! Jackson's morning naps have been the perfect time for Bella and I to enjoy this special time of learning together! :).
She surprised me with her sorting skills! =)
We get to practice  our Bible verse and flash cards during meals too!
Bella's "project wall"...
Our objectives for the week!  And Bella was so proud of her first "Puggles" project (She started Awana's this year at church as well as Music on Sunday nights!)

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