Saturday, September 8, 2012

4 months!

My little handsome is four months old! I can't believe it! He is officially no longer a tiny newborn but rather a chunky, giggly, roly-poly baby! We fall more in love with him each day and it's so hard to even imagine what life was like without him!
He continues to have a layed-back "chilled" personality! He'll let us know if he has a dirty diaper or if he's getting sleepy but for the most part he is just along for the ride! :)
It seems like he has really come to life this month! He loves his tummy time mat...and loves laying on his back and pulling at his toys (his monkey is his favorite). He rolled over consistently this month and is just about to roll back to tummy! He smiles all the time and giggles too! He's especially ticklish under his chin and on his chubby thighs! Nothing sweeter than that open mouth giggle! He loves looking in mirrors too! He continues to love his swing...still takes all his naps there! It amazes me that he can still sleep so soundly for hours! We will probably be transitioning to his crib soon for naps (pretty sure I said that last month)! Haha! He continues to sleep in his bed next to me...I know he'd be fine in his room but I am not excited about having him across the house from me! He loves riding in the stroller with his sissy...but we are sure ready for some cooler fall weather!
We all four made the trek to see Dr. Dean yesterday for Jackson's four month appointment! Here are his stats:

Height: 25 inches. 55%
Weight: 16 lb 2 oz. 75%
Head: 42 cm. 50%

He showed the doctor all his smiles, babbled for him and even showed him his awesome tummy time skills! :). Since he's doing so great on gaining weight, we will wait a bit longer for cereal.

His routine:
7ish Wake/Nurse
8:30 Nap
10:00 Nurse
11:30 Nap
1:00 Nurse
2:30 Nap
4:00 Nurse
5:30 Cat-nap
6:30 Nurse
8:30 Nurse/Bed
10:30 Nurse...and hope for good sleep!
4:30ish Nurse

We love this handsome little guy! It's gonna be a fun fall season together! :)

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