Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Terrific Two Year Old!

I'm going to try, try, try to just sit and blog these special little memories so I never forget them!  Seems like these days and weeks are going by TOO quickly and my baby girl is quickly turning into a little girl!  I want to remember these sweet days...
Last week, Bella and I both came down with a nasty cold!  It was the kind that makes you just feel miserable and your whole face itches....sneezing....watery eyes.  So, we decided that we needed a little something special...we ventured out to get ourselves some Chick-fil-A. We put brother down for a nap and enjoyed a nice little lunch together. =)

Then, my precious girl helped me get a few loads of laundry done!  Notice her fashionable outfit!  She loves the days when mommy lets her pick out her outfit.  Today consisted of a sundress...which was a bit on the short side.....with a ballet skirt....socks and crocks! 

After helping me load the washer, dryer and fold clothes....we decided it was time to wash dishes!  Bella  helped load the last of the dishes while I fed brother...

 Then, I walked around the corner to find this little terrific two pouring our Dawn dish soap into the dishwasher!  HAHA.....SO during nap time, I got to run the dishwasher several times and soak up big ole bubbles off the kitchen floor!  Oh, yes the life of a terrific two!

It was a bummer we both caught a nasty summer cold....BUT it's always makes things better when you have a spunky, entertaining friend to share it with. =)

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