Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Time!

This summer seems like a whirlwind in so many ways!  As you can imagine, life with a newborn and terrific 2 year old can be quite busy!  Along with that, my body had some challenging weeks adjusting to not being pregnant!  LOVELY hormones =) I was so very thankful for our sweet family and friends who brought meals and helped us the past few months! =)  I'm going to do my  best to blog about the highlights of our summer the best I can!  For those of you who have 2's always a bit unpredictable how much time you really have to sit and actually do something productive during nap times!   But, we are slowly getting into a good routine...Isabella naps about 2-3 hours every afternoon and Jackson will nurse...nap and nurse again during that time period! it goes for our summer posts!

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