Thursday, August 9, 2012

Over the mountains & through the woods to Pappa and Mimi's we went (really just up hwy 65) =)

Jeremy had a week at camp and several youth events in the month of July, so we decided the babies and I would enjoy a trip to Pappa & Mimi's for 2 weeks!  Having extra hands of help was a huge blessing!  We loved our special time with them and it was such a time of rest and relaxation for us all! =)

Here are some of the highlights of our 2.5 weeks in Nashville...

Auntie Brit loved coming home on her lunch break and getting special snuggle time with Jackson!  I think she's loving the excuse that she needs "practice" before Houston gets here!

Our handsome little pilot!

Pappa pulled our old tricycle out of the attic!  All three of us girls learned to ride on it...Bella loved learning to ride her "bicycle."

Mom and I had a special pedicure day together.  We left Bella to nap with Pappa and took Jackson with us.  He was an angel...charmed all the ladies and then dozed off to nap while I soaked up the quiet relaxation time!

Bella and Napoleon bonded!  Bella saw it as her duty to make sure he had food every day.  =)

We love our Pappa...full of cuddles, sweet treats and tickle tortures!!!

Brother is growing way TOO fast!

Bella enjoyed special trips to the park with Pappa!  She loves putting her "running shoes" on all by herself...we just gotta work on getting them on the right feet! =)

All ready to go to "Pappa's Church" as Bella calls it!

Aunt Linny and Cousin Sadie came up for a few days to visit!  Bath time with a friend is always more fun.

Who knew my sisters and I would have the privilege to celebrate a national holiday together..."Ice cream Day" ...

Sweet snuggles with "Aunt Linny" 
Cousin snuggle time...

Love these little rascals!

Jackson practicing his boxing skills!  He loves to kick those feet and punch those fists!

We were able to hang out with 2nd cousins for an afternoon as they were passing through Nashville!  

Hey...a girls gotta work for her place to stay! =)

I guess she got hot on a summer sunny day...

We love our Mimi...she gives fun baths, willingly changes poopy diapers, cooks delicious meals, prays with us, snuggles with us...and takes mommy out for special relaxing days! =)  BEST Mimi in the whole world!

We enjoyed some hot summer walks together up and down the rolling hills of Tennessee.

Love this sweet boy!

My baby girl is growing up...precious little toddler girl she is =)

LOVE her!

My little handsome all ready for church...(the best place for a baby nap)...

My babies...(do you know how challenging it is to get a 25 mo. and 2 mo. old in a picture together!?)

Bella anxiously searches for her Pappa...and as soon as she sees him she does not want to be separated from him.  I think she'd make a good pastoral assistant! 

We loved attending the annual church-wide picnic!  Yummy food, great fellowship and a fun stream to play in!  Pappa was teaching Bella how to skip stones.  She was ecstatic!

Bella, Jackson and I had a slumber party at Brit and Matt's house one night.  We put Bella to bed and Jackson and I helped organize all baby Houston's cute things!  Jackson wanted to try out the froggy hat...Cutest little froggy around! 

The next morning, I took Bella to play on Aunt Brit's neighborhood playground!  FUN times!

Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics! GO USA!

Ready to cheer for the USA!

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