Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 months...

This sweet, tender, layed-back little fella is 3 months!  Can you believe it!?  I fall more in love with my handsome every day...and I can not even imagine life without his tender snuggles and sugar filled slobbery kisses.  I know I blog about it each month...but I seriously didn't know that a baby could be so easy!?  Who knew!?  He is nursing 7-8 times a day...about every three hours.  He will wake around 4am for his night feeding...he chows down for about 10 minutes and then dozes right back to sleep.  His days are filled with eating, sleeping and playing!  His wake times are becoming longer and longer which makes for a more fun day for us all!  We love playing with him and trying to get him to smile and laugh at us!  He still loves his swing...which at this point is where he ends up taking most of his naps.  We will probably transition his naps to his crib in the next month but for now he sleeps good and loves the motion so we'll stick with that for now! =)  He also started enjoying his play mat this month!  We do tummy time on it...where Bella and I lay on our tummies and make faces at him.  When he gets tired of tummy time, we flip him over and he loves to bat at and kick the hanging toys as well as looking at himself in the mirror.  He enjoys riding in the stroller...and I'm so thankful that Bella has become good at popping his pacifier back in so I can enjoy a little exercise without constantly having to stop. =)  We put him in the nursery for the first time this past week and they said he slept most the time! The sweet ladies held him and rocked him the entire time...I told them that he would make up for every tear Bella cried that entire first year! (For those of you who may not know...our sweet Bella cried every Sunday for the entire first year of her life...)  But, this handsome man takes everything in stride and just kicked back and relaxed in the nursery without his mamma! =)  He is laughing...a sweet little coo...and has started "talking" sweet goo-goo ga-ga.  He loves to nurse and nap holding his tight little fists together like he's praying.  He curls his toes a lot too...notice in the picture above!  He still only has a dirty diaper one day a week...but on that one day he goes A LOT and makes up for the rest of the week.  I guess he's just absorbing all that good nutrition!  He's already a little charmer!  I'm looking forward to what's ahead with this little guy...but I kinda want to just freeze time right's so sweet!

His schedule:

We start our day around 7 and then begin a 3 hour-ish routine.  He eats, plays and then naps.  He takes about 4 naps a day...each about 1 hour or so.  He is most alert from we have lots of fun then!!!  Around 8, I nurse him and then he falls asleep for the night.  I top him off around 10:30 and he will usually sleep 6-7 hours!  He is still in our room...which makes the night feeding easy...but I bet we will transition him to his crib in the next month or so.  I just don't want him to go......

We love this little guy.....such a sweet blessing from above!

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