Saturday, July 7, 2012

2 months...

We can not believe our little handsome is already two months old! He continues to bring us all such pure joy. His layed-back, easy going disposition is more and more evident with each passing day. Around six weeks, he began sleeping a consistent 6 hours a night. We haven't really had to put much effort at all into getting him in a good eat, play, sleep routine because he is sooo easy! I mean I feed him....he will coo and smile with us for a bit and then when he gets sleepy he just dozes off. Doesn't matter where he is or what's going on around need to be tightly swaddled...he just drifts off. He seriously only cries...more like whimpers with his little bottom lip puckered out when he's hungry or wet. He doesn't even poo every day!?! I'm telling you this baby is easy! :). My pediatrician always told me not to worry if around a month old Bella went a few days without pooing....but she never missed a day...ha! Now this little fella LOVES to eat! He is hungry every 2 hours...sometimes he'll go 3 but very rarely! So, since he's hungry and chows down so often that makes for short naps all day. With a baby as easy going as he is....we can work with frequent feedings. I usually feed him 9 times a day...every 2 hours and then a late night feeding around 10. Then, he sleeps until 4...then until 7ish. He loves to cuddle...loves to snuggle up on my chest and doze. :). He loves being warm...a perfect nap to him is being wrapped in his warm lambs wool type blanket and cuddled close.
He began smiling around 6 weeks and it sure is the sweetest smile ever! He rolled over from tummy to back around 6 weeks also...he is a strong boy! He kicks those legs hard...he can even skoot already! He's not a huge fan of his paci...but will take it with a little encouragement. At night, he's usually so tired...I will feed him, swaddle him and then he dozes right off! He doesn't even want a paci.
We are going for his 2 month check up Monday so I will update his stats then! In the meantime, we are going to go relax together and take a little nap until sissy gets up. :)

Stats are in!
12lb 12 oz...75%
23.25 inces...65%
40 cm...55%

Enjoy these pics from the past few weeks...

First smile...
This little guy is "chill" just like his daddy! =)
Bath time with Mimi and Sissy!
Happy July 4th!
Nothing sweeter than this little smile...
Thankful for a good little sleeper =)

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