Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Restin' and Relaxin'...

The past week, Bella and I have been enjoying lots of good ole quality mother/daughter time together!  We invited Miss Casi over one morning for a pancake breakfast before school!

We've enjoyed the gorgeous Florida spring weather!  Bella plays...I prop my feet up and soak in some Vitamin D...

Bella has adjusted to her new "big girl room."  YAY!!!  She thoroughly enjoys her "quiet play time" each morning...and then she has successfully learned to nap without paci in the afternoons!  Sometimes, she will just fall asleep in the middle of playing and mommy has to help her to bed...

This past weekend, was our 8th annual girls weekend in Gulf Shores with my 3 best college girlfriends!      
We all met up Friday night...and the unexpected happened...I began having contractions!!!  We hugged and celebrated being together and then quickly found the couch and water...as I put my feet up and the logging of contractions began!  For 2.5 hours, I had contractions that were 2.5 minutes apart and 45 seconds in duration!  So, the doctor suggested I go to labor & delivery just to make sure things were alright!  Road trip...my dear friend Courtney drove me 1 hr to my hospital...and I had dilated 3cm!!!  Jeremy met us there and we waited a few hours to see if things would progress or slow down.  Thankfully, since I was just 37 weeks, things eased up and I was able to go rest at home.  But, my sweet hubby drove me back to Gulf Shores to spend the day with my girlfriends the next day.  He and Bella enjoyed the beach...and relaxing at the beach house with us.  

Bella loved spending time with my sweet friend Julie's baby... precious Graham...he is almost 4 months old.  Bella just doted over him the entire time...singing him all the songs she knew to sing...giving him paci...patting him...and giving sweet kisses...I think she's already got this "big sis" thing down pat! =)

So here I am...37 weeks...wondering when this little guy will make his appearance!  We would really like for him to "bake" a little longer!  I am doing everything I can to keep my feet propped up and rest as much as I can now!  No exercising...no house work...at least not for now!  If I do make it to 38.5 weeks...then maybe I can do a little more "nesting."  But for now...it's time to rest, rest, rest!  Bella has been the sweetest little angel...some days her "quiet play time" extends to 2 hours...and she is just happy as a lark playing with her babies, puzzles, bows, purses etc!  The past couple days when I put her down to nap, I have slept for a few hours myself!  Craziness...but I guess my body needs it...we all know it's best to sleep now cause the next few months will not be full of sleep! =)

Jer snapped this pic as he was finishing up giving Bella her bath!  He has been the BEST...grocery shopping, making breakfast, dinner, doing baths, changing diapers, cleaning bathrooms...all on top of keeping up with the yard work AND working a full time job!  Did I mention that our Disciple Now is this weekend...a full weekend of activities with our Student Ministry which will include about 200 students...SO we know the Lord's timing is so perfect and He is sovereign over every detail of our life.  He knows when precious Jackson is developed and ready to come into this world...but we are praying for at least one more week of "baking" for this little guy! =)  If I do happen to make it another 2 weeks...my induction is set for May 7 at 5:30am.  (Due to my pregnancy history/miscarriages...my doctor doesn't want me to go much past 39 weeks.)  In the mean time, I will be doing my best to rest...and function as I waddle around dilated 3cm! =)

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Cassie said...

love the belly photos! Also, bella in those boots - too too cute!!
Take it easy and enjoy these last few weeks, even though I know you can't wait to meet Jackson ;)