Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Isabella!

Monday, April 2, we enjoyed a small celebration with our little family and with my parents!

Daddy surprised Bella with a Birthday Elmo balloon!

We went to an Easter brunch in the morning with some friends which was so much fun!

Then, we came home just in time to catch a quick nap before Pappa and Mimi arrived! Bella was finishing up her nap when they arrived and Pappa quietly peeked in on her...Bella's little eyes popped open and her mouth was wide open with a big gasp! She was so so excited and surprised to see her Pappa and Mimi on her birthday!

One of our sweet friends, Anna, brought Bella some "Elmo cupcakes" and a pretty bow...

We enjoyed Bella's favorite dinner..."sgetti"...

And finished the evening with an "Elmo cupcake"...

Bella was so cute...all day long she was singing..."happy birthday to bella...happy birthday to bella...happy birthday to bella...happy birthday to bella." =)

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