Sunday, April 15, 2012

2 years old!

My little Isabella is now a terrific 2 year old! =) I can not believe she is now TWO! What in the world!? It seems like just yesterday I was preparing for her birth and holding her as a tiny 6lb. infant! I remember thinking she would never ever reach which it did take her 3 months! It is definitely bittersweet to watch your helpless, teeny-tiny infant grow into an active, playful, fun-loving, smart little toddler! I thought I would break down descriptions of her at this stage into different categories...

-She loves to run (arms/elbows in position like Pappa taught her).
-Loves to dance especially to her favorite...Stevie Wonder, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"
-Recently learned to jump with 2 feet off the ground
-Enjoys putting together her wooden puzzles
-Likes the challenge of inserting various shapes into her box puzzle container
-Loves taking her babies/stuffed animals on walks around the neighborhood while pushing them in her little stroller
-Enjoys bathing herself...mommy tells her what to wash and she does it! =)
-Recently started sitting in a "big girl" chair to eat...unless we are having a really messy dinner then the high chair is preferable!
-Holds her crayons with her right hand and loves coloring and doing projects

-Has a very tender-hearted, sensitive side to her (if she sees a friend or baby crying she wrinkles her face and says, "awww....crying!")
-Definitely also has somewhat of a strong-will too! (from what my parents say - she acts like a mini-me)
-Most of the time she is very outgoing and friendly to everyone she meets...waves, says hi ect.
-Has recently shown hesitation towards people who don't look familiar (old people, handicapped ect)...this has given us opportunity to discuss how we are all created differently
-As her pediatrician described this week...she is very "intense"
-Very creative and imaginative...she loves her 1-1.5 hour "quiet play time" each morning...she rarely every cries to come out but rather plays with her dolls, animals and toys!

-Extremely verbal...we joke about how she talks non-stop all day! (every day she surprises us with random new words)
-Speaks in sentences of up to 5 words...maybe more!
-Sings songs...her favorites are: "Oh Beautiful", "Jesus Loves Me", "The B-I-B-L-E", "Signed, Sealed Delivered", "How Great is our God", "I've Got Peace Like A River"...
-Counts confidently to 6 and with just a little prompting to 10
-Recognizes shapes: circle, star, diamond, heart, rectangle (tangle), triangle, (tangle)
-Recognizes colors...but always random...not sure which one she has 100% nailed down...some days she knows lots...other days she mixes them all up!
-Recognizes her name "Bella"...if we writ her name and ask her what it says, she says "By Bella" (cause that's usually when we write her the bottom of a project)
-Quote of the week...her pediatrician looked at me in all seriousness and said, "Whitney, she is extremely verbal...she could definitely learn a second language."....What!?! Are you kidding me...with a newborn about to pop out! Ha! Well, we might start telling her the spanish words on her flashcards and see what she picks up on! =)

-has a tender heart towards things about Jesus and God
-loves to pray (folds her hands and bows her head)...when we are out and other people don't "fold" their hands...she looks at them like "um, don't you know to fold your hands?!" =)
-loves reading her Bible...her favorite stories are: "Joseph, Joseph" (coat of many colors), "Moses", "Zacchaeus" & "Baby Jesus"...those are her top requests

We've recently stopped using "paci" was really only rough for a few days, but thankfully it is gone! Even when cousin Sadie came to visit, Bella didn't try to use it one time! Yay!!! We're now transitioning from her crib to her "big girl bed." She's doing fantastic at night time...but naps are a little more of a challenge. We put up a baby gate...and it usually takes 20-30 min. for her to settle and stay in her bed for nap time...but she dozes off eventually. Some naps are 1.5 hrs and some are 3! =)

Her stats...
Head 19.5 inches 85%
Weight 31lbs. 90%
Height 34.5 inches 85%

She is a growing girl at this stage! Her doctor predicts she could be 5'8" or taller! My doctor said I would be 5'8" and I am 5' we shall see! She is a perfect blend of Jeremy and I...some days she looks just like his toddler pics...and somedays she looks just like mine! I love how perfectly the Lord creates these precious children! =)

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