Thursday, March 8, 2012

Free Fun!

Who says you can't have fun for FREE!?? Yesterday my neighbor dropped off a big box for us to have fun with...we decided to make a house! My neighbor cut a door and 2 windows...and suggested that we use crayons to decorate it. BUT, Bella and I decided to use some old fabric from my classroom and decorate the box! So, with a little hot glue...some scissors and 45 minutes...we created a fun, free, play house! Bella loved every minute of creating it...she kept saying..."Mommy, I do it!...Mommy, I do it!" I let her help with everything except for hot gluing and cutting.
Here is our creation! Perfect size for Bella...her bunny Bobby, baby Lucy, bunny, lamb and all her other little toys. =)

Busy playing inside...I think she was doing her "cards" (flashcards) with Baby Lucy... =)

Playing with neighbor Maddy!...even a 17 year old can fit in the awesome house! =)

Days like today are one of the many reasons I am so thankful to be a full-time stay at home wife and mommy. It's funny because in the past few weeks I've had various friends mention to in the world can you afford to stay home? How do you do it? I can honestly say that things aren't always easy...and there are definite financial sacrifices we make daily in order for me to stay home BUT the Lord has been so faithful to provide for us and confirm that this is the plan He has for our family right now... and He continues to show us how to make wise financial decisions...and be good stewards of the money he has given us. I wouldn't trade anything for days like this...making memories together, hanging out with friends, learning manners, reading stories, doing laundry together, baking together...investing in a precious little life so she can also one day influence others for Christ. =)

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