Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Boy Lloyd =)

"I'm Gonna Be a Big Sis!"

Well, I've mentioned Baby Boy Lloyd often in blog posts and I've talked about the pregnancy a little...but I think he needs his very own blog entry! =)

I thought I would go back to the beginning of the pregnancy and post some ultra sound pictures as well as special details from the pregnancy!

We were able to first see this little guy at 6 weeks! He had a strong little matter how many times you've seen a heart beat on that ultra sound screen or heard it through the monitor there is nothing that compares to the joy and peace of hearing those first beats that first doctor's appointment! I mean I always know I'm pregnant as early as 5 weeks because I get so out of breath, tired and nauseated. But, there's just nothing like seeing that racing heart on the screen! It was at this appointment that our Doctor set the due date for May 14, 2012!

Since my pregnancy with Isabella went so smoothly (medically speaking) and we really had no complications due to my blood clotting disorders, my doctor decided that seeing her every few weeks would be just fine. With Isabella, we were seeing a doctor every week - either my OB or the high risk doctor. I'm so thankful that the little baby aspirin seems to do the trick for these issues!

We went in again at 8 weeks. Heart rate was in the 140's, my blood pressure was great and all looked well with the baby! Of course extreme fatigue and nausea had taken over my body. I could not have been more thankful for my sweet caring hubby who did all the laundry, all the dishes, grocery shopped (for 5 months) and kept the house in order. Most of all, he offered me encouragement each day...pregnancy hits me like....well, I'm not sure what to compare it to. I just know I have a strong will and can be a very driven person...and I can't do anything but lay on the couch and try to "survive" those first 3-4 months! Grow baby grow! Another HUGE blessing during this pregnancy was my precious Isabella. She has got to be the most content, loving, self-entertained child! I would lay out books, puzzles, games all over the living room coffee table and if she wasn't sleeping, we would lay together and read books for hours! We did watch her 23 minute "Elmo" video probably a thousand times! =)

At 11 weeks, we went for another check-up. I could't have been more thankful for such a smooth first trimester (medically speaking)...I felt absolutely horrible BUT the baby's growth was just perfect, heart rate was always good, and my blood pressure was actually low this time! His little heart rate was consistently in the 140's and my blood pressure was pretty much in the low 100's/60's. So thankful!

We went for our big ultrasound at 19 weeks! This is when we found out we were having a precious little baby BOY! Yay!!! We were able to have Jeremy's mom aka: "She-She" come to the appointment with us. I was certain we were having a girl because this pregnancy had gone pretty much identical to my pregnancy with Isabella. I mean just like a clock...sick at 6 weeks, throwing up at 8 weeks, migraines at 8 weeks, throwing up more at 12 weeks...extreme fatigue, dizziness etc. I mean if anything I was more sick this time around which made me certain it was a girl! But...this little guy surprised us all!!! With me being one of three girls and there being only 3 grandchildren all of whom are can only imagine the excitement when the family found out we were having a boy! I remember calling my dad and he said, "Wait...what!?? Are they sure!??" Hehe! So a boy to carry on the "Lloyd" name and a boy to fulfill "Pappa's" dreams of bearing a son...well grandson now! =) Overall, this appointment went very well! They did find a "Choroid Plexus Cyst" on one side of his little brain. They assured us that sense all the other anatomy was "normal" that there was less than 1% chance this could indicate some type of chromosome issue. They said they would send me to the high risk doctor anyways since I do have the blood clotting issues and that while I was there they would re-check the cyst. So, we shared this with our family and we all just took it to the Lord in prayer! He is the creator and sovereign over every circumstance - so He is the one to whom we place our trust!

I saw my doctor just for a "heart-beat" check at 24 weeks. Heart rate was in the 140's and everything with mommy and baby was "healthy."

We went for our high risk appointment at 25 weeks. They did a thorough ultrasound of all the anatomy as well as checked the umbilical cord and blood flow. The high risk doctor informed us that from what they can observe at this point it looks as though all of the "cyst" had absorbed and was no longer able to be seen on ultrasound! PRAISES!!! =) The little guy was moving all around...even had the hiccups for part of the ultrasound. He's a cute little fella! While looking at the screen, the doctor said, "He has a beautiful nose and cute little smackers." (Smackers that will kiss his mommy, daddy and big sister.)
We were very, very...well words can't even begin to express how thankful we were for the healthy report!

I had some blood-work done yesterday as well as my glucose test - YUCK! We will continue to pray that everything is healthy! My doctor is monitoring my Vitamin D levels since they have been dropping this pregnancy. In the mean time, I take lots of Vitamin D supplements with Calcium and Bella and I have been taking advantage of the beautiful sunny Florida days to get some extra Vitamin D! We've been passing around colds this winter - but we are praying that we will knock these colds away and that this third trimester will bring many, many healthy days with a mamma full of renewed strength and energy!

I will have to do a blog post soon with updates on the planning/creating of the nursery! I've sewn the bumpers, crib skirt and curtain accessories. As soon as we decide on a name, I plan on finishing the set up with a monogrammed blanket. I'm using a madras pattern with seer sucker accents as well as navy decor. In the meantime, I have slowly transformed Bella's "baby" bedding into "toddler" bedding! I just loved her fabric from her nursery so I ordered some extra and created a bed skirt and coordinating pillows to go on her big girl bed! (Although, she will probably be sleeping in the crib in brother's room until all the company has come and probably a month after brother is born she will sleep in her big bed!)

Updates to come soon!

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