Thursday, February 2, 2012

22 months!

Thought this was most appropriate for her 22 month photo shoot to be while she was busy playing with daddy's phone! =) She LOVES all her "apps" well as scrolling through pictures and listening to "mica!"

This is how taking pictures usually ends now...she says, "lemme see Bella" (let me see Bella)...which means she wants me to show her on the back of the camera all the pictures we just took! =)

When did I get an almost TWO year old!?? Like I heard this past week at a Bible Study..."our lives our made up of just ordinary days - it's how we spend our ordinary days that makes up our life." SO true! I definitely feel that statement applies to motherhood and raising our children. It's so fun to go on trips and have play-dates...go on little field trips and excursions. But, in reality it is the simple - ordinary days that mold and develop who our children will become in the future. It's my prayer each day that in the simple, ordinary days - Isabella will grow to become a little girl of faith, love, prayer, obedience, kindness and sensitivity to those around her. I pray constantly that the little habits and routines we form each day have a purpose. I pray that we use meal times to teach her how to have a heart of gratitude. I pray that we use play time to learn kindness and putting others first. I pray that I make the most of my time with her in the very young, critical years to not only lay a foundation academically but more importantly spiritually. I just loved that yesterday when she had a low grade fever and just wasn't feeling good that all she wanted to do was sit in mamma's lap and "read Bible"..."read Bible." I know that now more than ever I find myself on my knees before the Lord with a heart overflowing with well as with a heart asking for wisdom and guidance as we live out these "ordinary" days.
Isabella learns and grows so much each and every day. She continues to talk up a storm and just loves to do puzzles, books, projects...go for walks or rides...loves to play with her friends. She also loves to name her friends...which is so cute! =) We started something a few weeks back where we name our friends and ask them who their "baby" is...and she will tells us! She is in love with her dolls especially "ucy" (Lucy). Bobby is still her most treasured possession of course! She continues to love "mica" (music). One of her favorite times of day is when daddy comes home and turns up the music and they dance together in the living room. Oh, she just thinks this is the best thing in the whole she giggles throughout. She loves to paint, play with chalk and color! She has improved so much in her fine motor skills the past month. She successfully feeds herself with her spoon/fork and she is getting so much better at holding her crayons/pencils ect. She is such a little "mamma"/"home-maker." She carries her dolls around, pushes them in their "strower" (stoller), gives them cute! She loves pushing her grocery cart around - most of the time she is taking "" When I vacuum, she closely follows me with her vacuum cleaner. She loves to help load/unload the clothes from the washer and dryer. She is a big helper in the kitchen...putting dishes in the dish washer and helping unload too!
And she LOVES cuddling with her daddy...she just doesn't like it when he has to leave for work! This is her typical reaction when daddy says bye...she wants him to hold her and cuddle...

Now that I'm having a bit more energy, we've enjoyed going for walks and venturing out to play with friends more often! I'm praying that we will be able to enjoy the next 3 months to it's fullest before adding brother to the mix! =) This time with just Isabella is so precious. It will be another bundle of blessings when we add little brother to the mix and get to "take care of him" all day long! Exciting times ahead!

Here are her stats...

Height: 33 1/4 inches 60%
Head: 19.5 inches 95%
Weight: 28 lbs. 80%

Schedule...not much has changed...

7ish Wake/Eat
9ish Rest (rest/play for about an hour)
12 Lunch/"school"
2ish Nap (depending on morning rest time length - she usually naps 2 hours)
6 Dinner
8 Bath/Bed

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