Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I thought I would do a quick little blog entry on one of Bella's favorite parts of her day...."Projecs!"

(And here's a little preview of one of her Valentine outfits I made her as she is enjoying a book while biting her little lip) her!

I mentioned back in a December blog about how we have started having a little more structured learning time each day. I knew Bella loved books and and her "cards" so I thought she would enjoy doing a little "school" each day. ("Cards" are her little flash cards where she likes to name all the objects...)

So anyways, I figured she would enjoy a little more structured learning...And YES! She absolutely loves it! It may just be the "1st grade teacher" inside me or the "I'm going to be a stay-at-home I'm going to use our time wisely!" Or it may just be a combination of both...but we have really enjoyed doing "school" together! It usually works best with our schedule to do our school time right after lunch. I use and I supplement the lessons also. I've really liked what it has to offer for the 2 year old curriculum. The best part about it's FREE! I typically just print off the lessons each week, download the activities we want to do and print them off. It has a monthly theme and Bible verse and incorporates letters, numbers, shapes, songs, books and Bible stories into each theme. It's great!

So this month our theme has been "Jesus is my Shepherd." We have been talking about and doing projects to help us understand what that really means. =) I thought I would just post a few of the little activities we have enjoyed doing together. If any of you have loved using a specific curriculum or website with your toddler...leave a comment and share! We love finding new ideas and creative ways to learn! I think in the next few months, we are going to send Daddy up to our attic to pull down some of Mommy's teaching games/activities! =)

We learned how to "pat"...(dot of glue - not a lot & pat the cotton ball on)

Learning the shapes - star & rectangle and the colors yellow, orange and green! Made for fun finger-painting. =)

Our little shepherd & his lamb...

Our "lady" as Bella calls it...learning the colors red & black...

Fun handprint project as well as learning to "pat" of glue not a lot! =)

Our little sheep puppet...(once again learning - dot of glue - not a lot and "pat")

I wasn't sure how this one would go over...but she loved it! We punched holes and then learned how to lace! She did great lacing the pipe cleaner through each hole. =)

And Bella's faovrite...her "black book" - she loves it!

Her favorite page..."twuck"...

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