Tuesday, January 10, 2012

21 months!

It seems like these months just keep going by fast and faster! Our little Bella is quickly approaching her second birthday...and with that comes mixed emotions. I have to admit I get sad as more and more of her little "baby" characteristics quickly fade...but then it seems like we have more and more fun together each day as her little personality continues to show itself! She definitely looks a lot like her daddy especially in her eyes. =) But, she seems to have picked up quite a lot of my personality...such a perfect combination at this point!
She continues to be quite a talker...seems like everywhere we go people comment on how much she talks! Yesterday we were standing in line at Wal-mart and she starts talking to the lady behind us...just pointing and naming every object she could around us. The lady was so sweet to carry on with Bella...so engaged! She did say at one point, "Well, you seem to be quite an advanced little talker...but you're still working on that hair aren't ya!?" Yep! We are still working on growing hair...good thing the headbands and bows still fit around that growing head! Bella won't leave the house without patting her head and saying, "bow!...bow?" I guess if you're gonna be bald...you might as well embrace it and do the best with what ya got! =)
One of her cute little phrases that I love...
If I ask her to do something, she usually responds..."okay...okay...alright" in a sweet little voice.
She is in LOVE with babies...anything that has to do with babies. If she sees an ultrasound picture...or a little baby...or a doll or a picture of a baby...she says, "awww.....awww" - with her little face wrinkled up. And she loves to talk to her babies. I will hear her say, "okay baby"..."come on baby"..."it's ok baby"...SO precious - it just melts my heart. Her favorite store these days is "Target!" She loves the big red balls out front!....and the stickers she gets when we check out!
She loves, loves, LOVES her daddy. =) She races to the door when she hears the door knob start to turn as he comes home from work. She just loves sitting in his lap...cuddling...reading books...going for walks...anything to be with her daddy........

As you can see she continues to love "sgetti"...it's a favorite meal around here!

Thankfully, due to mommy's "all-day-long lasting morning sickness"...Bella still takes 2 (2 hour) naps! Even if she doesn't sleep for the full 2 hours, she will play a few minutes before dozing off...and then when she wakes up, she is perfectly content playing with her babies! She had a little cold last week, so we used her boppy pillow to prop her head up (makes breathing through the nose much eaiser)! She insists on having all her babies close to her and of course her "bobby"...can't ever go without "bobby"!

She is my precious little angel..and I love her so, so much! Life is just going to be more and more exciting when we add a baby "brother" to the mix! =)

Her schedule (not much has changed):
7ish Wake/Breakfast
9ish Nap
12 Lunch
2 Nap
6 Dinner
8 Bath/Bed

Her stats...according to mommy's measurements =)
Height 33.5 inches 75%
Weight 28.5 lbs. 85%
Head 19.5 inches 95%

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