Friday, December 9, 2011

'Tis the Season...

Last weekend, we transformed our house from "Turkey" decorations to "Christmas" decorations! I just love, love, love this time of year......cooler weather, twinkling lights, spending time with family.......
We decided to get a head start while Isabella was down for her morning nap...and when she woke up...she was beyond excited! She carefully tip-toed around the corner...

And the expression on her face says it all! (The tree wasn't even decorated yet....just a bare tree!)

Then, we showed her the nativity scene and of course, she went straight to baby Jesus and gave him a kiss. =)

Isabella had the privilege of helping dadda put the star on the tree!

On Sunday we wore our first "Christmas" outfit....loving every minute of it! We did a quick little photo shoot in front of the tree before heading out the door! (And might I mention that we made it to Sunday School, Worship and lunch with friends! The best Sunday I've had in a long while...Merry Christmas to me...I think my morning sickness aka "all day sickness" is slowly...slowly fading away!)

We snapped a quick picture of Isabella and her friend Charleigh in their Christmas attire....they were full of giggles and smiles until all eyes were on them with a camera! =)

This week we've ventured out to see Christmas lights two nights! Isabella LOVES the "lights".....she constantly is saying..."wow!...oh boy!...lights!...more!" And when there are...should I say "unfestive houses"...she begins to cry and call for "lights"!

We are enjoying sharing the true meaning of Christmas with Isabella this's so fun because she recognizes and can name all the characters of our nativity sets! We have been doing fun little activities together as we learn all about baby Jesus! The highlight of her week was getting to hold the baby Jesus doll from the manger in the big nativity scene at church! I wish I had my camera with me to capture that sweet awe on her little face! =)
Through all the christmas card writing, baking, parties, concerts, lights, decorations, traveling and Christmas outfits......I pray that as a family we can continue to put Christ first and not allow ourselves to get so busy that we forget to make time to reflect on the true reason for the season.

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