Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Play-date...

One reason that Christmas is so much fun is that it gives us a wonderful opportunity to plan little parties and spend time with our friends! I htought since I've been actually able to function some what normal again (being that I'm now 18 weeks preggo) that it would be fun to have a Christmas play-date with Bella's friends! So we invited everyone over to spend the morning with us!

I made a few simple "toddler" snacks...fruit, reindeer peanut butter sandwiches and cheese cut into Christmas shapes.

We enjoyed reading about baby Jesus, coloring a picture of the nativity and creating glitter angel ornaments!

The nativity sets were definitely a play-date favorite!

Veggie Tales...

Willow Tree...

It's quite challenging to get a decent posed picture of 9 babies all under the age of 3...but I did manage to capture a few action shots. (although the best shot only captured 7 babies!)

We are very thankful for our friends...celebrating baby Jesus' birthday is so much fun! =)

And now it's nap time for this sleepy girl!

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