Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas 2012!

During this Christmas season, we have so enjoyed teaching Isabella all about baby Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas! We have little nativity sets, Christmas books and have loved doing various activities together. I've also become really excited about Christmas in the future as she gets a little older and she is able to really understand more and more! I came across my friend from college, Erica Foken's, blog last night and am totally in love with this Advent idea! So, Pensacola friends.......we are TOTALLY doing this together next year and I can't wait! Pretty much we will gather 24 families who want to participate, order our devotional books/kit! Then plan a night where we all come together and have an "ornament swap." Each family is responsible for creating 24 of one type of ornament - thus we leave with 24 different ornaments which correspond to the daily devotionals! We can save the devotionals and ornaments to use every year!

Here is the blog of the family who we can order from...

Here are some pictures I copied from my friend Erica's cute is this! Something meaningful for our family and fun to do with a group of friends! I love the idea of us all "helping" each other create such memorable December days with our families! =)


Cassie said...

What a cute ornament idea!

Anonymous said...

Christmas 2012? Isn't that a little early?