Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving week in Panama City with Jeremy's family. It was such a sweet time together as we made many memories! The week was full of many emotions which I believe is only to be expected. There were past memories shared as we laughed and cried......and there were new memories made! Isabella and Maddy bring us all so much joy and they definitely help in making new memories together as a family. =)

Early Thanksgiving morning, about 3am.......Jer, Bella and I all found ourselves huddled in the bathroom together! Bella and I must have caught a little bug or eaten something bad because we both woke up sick to our stomachs! It lasted for about 3 hours and then was gone! Answer to our prayers.....we were all able to enjoy Thanksgiving! =)

For lunch, we went to Mamma Lloyd's sister's house, Aunt Kathy's, and spent the afternoon with lots of cousins! We had a blast enjoying all the delicious food and good company! After, we finished eating all of us ventured outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

Isabella enjoyed showing all of us her "running" moves that Pappa had shown her recently. Ready...Set...GO!

She also loved being the "big cousin" and pushing Maddy around on the little bike.

They tried riding together...but that didn't last too long...

After enjoying the pretty day, we all headed back inside for our "Thanksgiving" craft! We made turkeys together...(with just a little help from dadda).

After a wonderful afternoon, we headed over to spend the evening with the Lloyd family. Sweet cousin, Hannah, had organized a basket full of toys for Maddy and Isabella!

Isabella loves her "Pappa Lloyd."

It was such a sweet day just being together as a family.

Here are a few other photos from the week....

Eating out together (not sure if this pictures was taken before or after Maddy barked at the lady sitting near us and kept saying, "no....no" as if she was a dog OR maybe after Bella kept saying, "hi....hi...HI!" to the water near us until he finally said hi back).....=)

Trying on She-She's glasses...

Now, I'm one of those that LOVES Christmas.....but I don't want to start listening to Christmas music and decorating until I've fully enjoyed Thanksgiving! =) So, now that Thanksgiving has passed......we will pull out our Christmas decorations and begin celebrating Christmas! I am somewhat pleased because all of our Christmas shopping is officially complete!!! Due to my preggo self, I did all my shopping online this year......and I feel that it was very successful and I got tons of great deals and free shipping! =) My goal is to have presents wrapped, cards sent, Christmas outfits sewn 2 weeks before Christmas so that we can fully absorb the true joy of Christmas! It's always great to have goals....right!? =) We are planning to spend Christmas with my family up in Tennessee as well as spend some time with Mamma Lloyd, Jordan, Ellen and Maddy too! Hopefully, I'll have some "Christmasy" updates soon!

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