Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This past weekend, we stayed with my parents in Panama City Beach where my dad competed in Ironman Florida. We had such precious time with him as we relaxed together before and after the race.

Here's my dad giving Isabella a ride on his bike! Go Bella Go!

And then teaching her how to run......proper form is always important for a future triathlete! =)

Now all we have to work on is swimming!

Early Saturday morning, we bundled up for the start of the race.......2.4 mile swim in the Gulf.

We always get excited when he comes out of the water! Isabella is anxiously awaiting his arrival......

Off the bike and now for the marathon! Run Pappa Run! (She wasn't quite sure why he kept running past her......she wanted him to stop and play!)

Cheering for all the finishers as they passed us.......especially for Pappa!!!

Great finish....we are so proud of him! Isabella had the honors of wearing the medal!

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