Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Festivities...

I have to be honest, as I sit down to finally update the blog......it's very difficult for me. The past few weeks have just been a whirlwind of emotions. As we've walked through the passing of Pappa Chip......it just really makes all the "pumpkin patches" and "costumes" seem so trivial and unimportant. It's just hard to get really excited about all of the "holiday" stuff when our hearts are still so very sad and broken. But, I know that Pappa Chip would want little Isabella to be enjoying all the fall activities and we know that He is in heaven with our Jesus with no more pain or suffering. It doesn't make us miss him any less but somehow the Lord has continued to give us a peace that surpasses all our understanding to move through each day without him here with us on earth. There are tears that come and go and emotions that rise and fall......but with the strength of the Lord and the love of our family and friends we will be able to move forward.

So.....here are some pictures of the fall activities that we have experienced the past few weeks.....

We went to a fall park with some friends....enjoyed the hay maze, hay ride and running around with friends! (I did manage to sew a little pumpkin dress for Isabella.......even while being so nauseated & on the couch most days! Let's just say it was a huge accomplishment for this preggo mother of a toddler!)

Quite challenging to get a decent pic of babies & toddlers!

As I mentioned above, I'm still experiencing lots of nausea, fatigue and migraines.....so I really am not able to venture out too far from the house. But, we did enjoy taking Isabella to a little pumpkin patch! She loved browsing through all the pumpkins and choosing her favorite! =)

The perfect "punkin" =)...

Here's our classic pumpkin patch family pic...

We also enjoyed the Fall Festival that our church puts on each year. Isabella wore her little "scarecrow" outfit and loved every minute of exploring the festival! Thank goodness for such a sweet and patient daddy who walked her around while mamma sat in the shade (after sitting for a few minutes and eating my snack - I realized I was in the "medical tent"...ha! classic)

We spent that evening with a group of friends celebrating the "Reformation"....I didn't manage to take any pictures but Isabella enjoyed all the fun activities there as well! She also somehow talked daddy into giving her a cupcake for dinner!!! Oh well.....one night of sugar won't hurt anyone! =)

Monday, Oct. 31st, we actually decided last minute to drive over to Panama City and surprise She-She! We dressed Isabella up in her little scarecrow outfit and showed up at their church's fall festival.

Isabella loved running across the parking lot to surprise her She-She!

Nothing sweeter than Bella sugar to brighten up your day! =)
She loved everything......especially the "big kid" music (or "mica" as Bella calls it).

We are all thankful for this little bundle of joy....always full of smiles!

We spent the week with She-She and enjoyed loving on her and spending time with her each day. =)

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