Sunday, November 13, 2011

19 months...

Well 11 days late is better than no post at all....right!?? =) Isabella is such a delight these days. I keep saying every month she grows older is my absolute favorite, but this stage has got to be the best!!! She's so entertaining, independent, fun-loving, loves learning new things.....she is like a little sponge! Every day it seems like she surprises us with something new she's learned! The other day she was walking around the house she does most of the day.....and I caught her saying "one.....two....fwee....four!" We hadn't even been practicing numbers or counting! Sometimes, I will hear her in her crib while humming herself to sleep and she's trying to say her abc's....I'm not even kidding. She has the tune but just mixes up whatever letters come to mind! =) She loves playing outside....running (which usually involves falling)....and especially loves when we get to go for a "wok" (walk). I was telling a friend today how I couldn't even imagine going through my first trimester and all that entails for me.....if I didn't have such a little angel. Even though she is only 19 months, she is such a little helper! I'm so thankful she enjoys playing independently and doesn't mind if mommy lays on the couch and we play puzzles and read books for hours! She is such a good sleeper too! She'll usually lay and hum/play for 15 minutes until she dozes off! And she's still a very good eater.........we found out last night how much she loves corn on the cob! =)

She loves people and seems to bring a smile to just about anyone's face. =) As we were walking into church this morning, I felt as though I had a little "show dog" with me. She just waved and smiled and said, "hi!" to every person we passed....and I mean every person we passed! I can't help but to chuckle as we's just so funny! Come to think of it, she may just be so excited to see people and get out of the house since the first trimester has kept us staying close to home!

Here are her stats (just my measurements so may not be 100% accurate).....

Head 19.5 inches 100% (hehe off the charts!)
Height 33 inches 75%
Weight 28 lbs. 85%

7 Wake/Breakfast
9:30 Nap (some days this is just rest time other days she'll sleep 2 hours!)
12 Lunch
2 Nap
6 Dinner
8 Bath/Bed

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Cassie said...

Definitely the cutest scarecrow I've ever seen!