Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving week in Panama City with Jeremy's family. It was such a sweet time together as we made many memories! The week was full of many emotions which I believe is only to be expected. There were past memories shared as we laughed and cried......and there were new memories made! Isabella and Maddy bring us all so much joy and they definitely help in making new memories together as a family. =)

Early Thanksgiving morning, about 3am.......Jer, Bella and I all found ourselves huddled in the bathroom together! Bella and I must have caught a little bug or eaten something bad because we both woke up sick to our stomachs! It lasted for about 3 hours and then was gone! Answer to our prayers.....we were all able to enjoy Thanksgiving! =)

For lunch, we went to Mamma Lloyd's sister's house, Aunt Kathy's, and spent the afternoon with lots of cousins! We had a blast enjoying all the delicious food and good company! After, we finished eating all of us ventured outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

Isabella enjoyed showing all of us her "running" moves that Pappa had shown her recently. Ready...Set...GO!

She also loved being the "big cousin" and pushing Maddy around on the little bike.

They tried riding together...but that didn't last too long...

After enjoying the pretty day, we all headed back inside for our "Thanksgiving" craft! We made turkeys together...(with just a little help from dadda).

After a wonderful afternoon, we headed over to spend the evening with the Lloyd family. Sweet cousin, Hannah, had organized a basket full of toys for Maddy and Isabella!

Isabella loves her "Pappa Lloyd."

It was such a sweet day just being together as a family.

Here are a few other photos from the week....

Eating out together (not sure if this pictures was taken before or after Maddy barked at the lady sitting near us and kept saying, "no....no" as if she was a dog OR maybe after Bella kept saying, "hi....hi...HI!" to the water near us until he finally said hi back).....=)

Trying on She-She's glasses...

Now, I'm one of those that LOVES Christmas.....but I don't want to start listening to Christmas music and decorating until I've fully enjoyed Thanksgiving! =) So, now that Thanksgiving has passed......we will pull out our Christmas decorations and begin celebrating Christmas! I am somewhat pleased because all of our Christmas shopping is officially complete!!! Due to my preggo self, I did all my shopping online this year......and I feel that it was very successful and I got tons of great deals and free shipping! =) My goal is to have presents wrapped, cards sent, Christmas outfits sewn 2 weeks before Christmas so that we can fully absorb the true joy of Christmas! It's always great to have goals....right!? =) We are planning to spend Christmas with my family up in Tennessee as well as spend some time with Mamma Lloyd, Jordan, Ellen and Maddy too! Hopefully, I'll have some "Christmasy" updates soon!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

19 months...

Well 11 days late is better than no post at all....right!?? =) Isabella is such a delight these days. I keep saying every month she grows older is my absolute favorite, but this stage has got to be the best!!! She's so entertaining, independent, fun-loving, loves learning new things.....she is like a little sponge! Every day it seems like she surprises us with something new she's learned! The other day she was walking around the house talking....as she does most of the day.....and I caught her saying "one.....two....fwee....four!" We hadn't even been practicing numbers or counting! Sometimes, I will hear her in her crib while humming herself to sleep and she's trying to say her abc's....I'm not even kidding. She has the tune but just mixes up whatever letters come to mind! =) She loves playing outside....running (which usually involves falling)....and especially loves when we get to go for a "wok" (walk). I was telling a friend today how I couldn't even imagine going through my first trimester and all that entails for me.....if I didn't have such a little angel. Even though she is only 19 months, she is such a little helper! I'm so thankful she enjoys playing independently and doesn't mind if mommy lays on the couch and we play puzzles and read books for hours! She is such a good sleeper too! She'll usually lay and hum/play for 15 minutes until she dozes off! And she's still a very good eater.........we found out last night how much she loves corn on the cob! =)

She loves people and seems to bring a smile to just about anyone's face. =) As we were walking into church this morning, I felt as though I had a little "show dog" with me. She just waved and smiled and said, "hi!" to every person we passed....and I mean every person we passed! I can't help but to chuckle as we walk.......it's just so funny! Come to think of it, she may just be so excited to see people and get out of the house since the first trimester has kept us staying close to home!

Here are her stats (just my measurements so may not be 100% accurate).....

Head 19.5 inches 100% (hehe off the charts!)
Height 33 inches 75%
Weight 28 lbs. 85%

7 Wake/Breakfast
9:30 Nap (some days this is just rest time other days she'll sleep 2 hours!)
12 Lunch
2 Nap
6 Dinner
8 Bath/Bed

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This past weekend, we stayed with my parents in Panama City Beach where my dad competed in Ironman Florida. We had such precious time with him as we relaxed together before and after the race.

Here's my dad giving Isabella a ride on his bike! Go Bella Go!

And then teaching her how to run......proper form is always important for a future triathlete! =)

Now all we have to work on is swimming!

Early Saturday morning, we bundled up for the start of the race.......2.4 mile swim in the Gulf.

We always get excited when he comes out of the water! Isabella is anxiously awaiting his arrival......

Off the bike and now for the marathon! Run Pappa Run! (She wasn't quite sure why he kept running past her......she wanted him to stop and play!)

Cheering for all the finishers as they passed us.......especially for Pappa!!!

Great finish....we are so proud of him! Isabella had the honors of wearing the medal!

Fall Festivities...

I have to be honest, as I sit down to finally update the blog......it's very difficult for me. The past few weeks have just been a whirlwind of emotions. As we've walked through the passing of Pappa Chip......it just really makes all the "pumpkin patches" and "costumes" seem so trivial and unimportant. It's just hard to get really excited about all of the "holiday" stuff when our hearts are still so very sad and broken. But, I know that Pappa Chip would want little Isabella to be enjoying all the fall activities and we know that He is in heaven with our Jesus with no more pain or suffering. It doesn't make us miss him any less but somehow the Lord has continued to give us a peace that surpasses all our understanding to move through each day without him here with us on earth. There are tears that come and go and emotions that rise and fall......but with the strength of the Lord and the love of our family and friends we will be able to move forward.

So.....here are some pictures of the fall activities that we have experienced the past few weeks.....

We went to a fall park with some friends....enjoyed the hay maze, hay ride and running around with friends! (I did manage to sew a little pumpkin dress for Isabella.......even while being so nauseated & on the couch most days! Let's just say it was a huge accomplishment for this preggo mother of a toddler!)

Quite challenging to get a decent pic of babies & toddlers!

As I mentioned above, I'm still experiencing lots of nausea, fatigue and migraines.....so I really am not able to venture out too far from the house. But, we did enjoy taking Isabella to a little pumpkin patch! She loved browsing through all the pumpkins and choosing her favorite! =)

The perfect "punkin" =)...

Here's our classic pumpkin patch family pic...

We also enjoyed the Fall Festival that our church puts on each year. Isabella wore her little "scarecrow" outfit and loved every minute of exploring the festival! Thank goodness for such a sweet and patient daddy who walked her around while mamma sat in the shade (after sitting for a few minutes and eating my snack - I realized I was in the "medical tent"...ha! classic)

We spent that evening with a group of friends celebrating the "Reformation"....I didn't manage to take any pictures but Isabella enjoyed all the fun activities there as well! She also somehow talked daddy into giving her a cupcake for dinner!!! Oh well.....one night of sugar won't hurt anyone! =)

Monday, Oct. 31st, we actually decided last minute to drive over to Panama City and surprise She-She! We dressed Isabella up in her little scarecrow outfit and showed up at their church's fall festival.

Isabella loved running across the parking lot to surprise her She-She!

Nothing sweeter than Bella sugar to brighten up your day! =)
She loved everything......especially the "big kid" music (or "mica" as Bella calls it).

We are all thankful for this little bundle of joy....always full of smiles!

We spent the week with She-She and enjoyed loving on her and spending time with her each day. =)