Thursday, October 6, 2011

My little precious is 18 months!

It's challenging capturing a picture of Isabella being I thought I'd just post some "real-life" pictures of her at this stage! She is moving all around and exploring......and loving every minute of it! =) 99.9% of the time, is she is quiet in her room.....we will find her in front of her bookshelf looking at books OR......

flipping through one of her picture books (this one happens to be one my mom gave her of baby pics of me when I was her age).

She loves to take care of her "babies"....loves to sit and rock them in her chair....or let them rock on their own sometimes too!

We just returned from Isabella's 18 month appointment so I thought I'd give an update! Of all the different things a pediatrician could comment on, he just kept complimenting her sweet, tender, friendly disposition. It always makes a mamma feel good when others appreciate her friendly, well-mannered child. =)

She is growing up way, way too fast! I remember when I thought she would never ever reach 10lbs....took us almost 3 months! And now she is well over 50% in weight and height......and almost off the charts in her head! Ha! (Gotta have room for all those brains!) She truly is such a tender, loving, friendly, confident child. I say confident because I guess that's the best way to describe it........she says hello to everyone and is not one bit afraid to explore a new surrounding on her own! She has become more and more independent and self-entertaining. I've always felt pretty strongly about little (if any) TV and movies.....and I'm so glad we've stuck to it! I know that's what helped her become so good at creative and independent play! She loves puzzles, books, games, playing with her babies, coloring, side-walk chalk, blowing bubbles, going for walks, singing, eating (as you can see from her stats!) and the list goes on! She is talking up a storm.....we laugh because we wonder where she learned all these words! She surprises us with new words every day! One of the fun new things she is doing is little tasks on her own....for example, we will ask her to go get something out of her room - and she'll come back with exactly what we asked for! Or, I will tell her to go put her "bobby" (bunny) and "babbi" (paci) in her crib....and she will go and do it! It's so fun!

Here is her schedule....2 naps still...yay!

7 Wake/Breakfast
9:30 - 11 Nap
12 Lunch
2:30 - 4:30 Nap
6 Dinner
8 Bath/Bed

Her Stats....

Weight - 26lb. 7oz. 75%
Height - 32.25 inches 75%
Head - 100% (not sure of exact measurements!)

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