Wednesday, September 7, 2011

17 months!

Sweet Isabella is 17 months...and she just gets more and more personality every day! We are having a blast together! She loves painting, doing puzzles, coloring with crayons, reading books, playing outside, going on walks (she walks not rides!), loves swinging at the park, actually has FUN in the nursery now (praise Jesus!), savors every bite she eats (I'm pretty sure she would eat the entire day if I let her), loves waving to people...even strangers (we are working on that), and I think her very favorite thing to do these days is to walk around pointing to objects, family members etc. and naming them (for animals she says the sound too)......soo cute!
She continues to love people...meeting new people, hugging friends and kissing friends (we try to aim for the cheek.....not lips!) We spent the weekend with my family up in Tennessee and all of a sudden Isabella's little "mothering" instinct has surfaced. She was loving on my little 4 month niece Sadie....kissing her...hugging and putting her pacifier in every time it fell out. It was the most precious thing to watch! I think she was exceptionally very gentle for a 17 month old! But, that just seems to be her personality at this point. She seems to be very sensitive and tender. But, she also is very independent and likes to do things "her" way! For example, we could all be hanging out talking and look over and Isabella has taken a toy and pretended to "vacuum" the entire house. She has no fear of being alone or walking around exploring! My prayer is that this trait will develop her into a strong leader one day! We all know that she has a tender side....but she sure has a strong will too! She usually visits "time-out" once a week and thus far it has been very successful! She doesn't like to disappoint mamma or sitting in her crib alone and away from us really hits home for her. As much as it breaks our hearts to discipline her, we know this is the best thing for sweet Isabella! =) It's so much fun running errands with her and just spending the day with my sweet girl. As her little personality continues to unfold and she becomes more independent, she is quite a fun little helper and she continues to bring us so much joy each day!

Here are the words she is saying....this may be the last month I attempt to list her words because she pretty much repeats anything we say! She is a smart whipper snapper!
cat, meow, dog, ruff-ruff, bird, tukey (turkey), cheez (cheese), beys (strawberries), bed (bread), cheeos (cheerios), ater (water), ink (drink), mo (more), peez (please), ball, bubbles, book, Bible, door, hi, bye-bye, shoez (shoes), bow, eyes, Ga-Ga, She-She, ordo (Jordan), Eya (Ellen), Mammie (Maddy), Pappa, Mimi, Linny (Lindsey), Bubba, yan (John), Ma (Matt), Baby, Babi (Abby)......she recognizes all her family in pictures, can identify eyes (blinks), nose, mouth, ears, bow, hair, feet, belly button. I'm sure there are other words she knows and says consistently...but it's just hard to remember them all.

She can also repeat the alphabet...let me clarify - if we say "a"..she'll say "a"...and she'll go through all 26 letters. "W" is our favorite - it comes out different every time "wallulyou."
After saying all her letters....her favorite part is when we cheer for her! I mean who doesn't like a little positive reinforcement! =)

Here are her stats.....just done at home so probably not perfectly accurate....

Weight - 24.5 lbs 55%
Head - 19 inches 90%
Height - 31 inches 45%

Her schedule remains the same also (although I think the morning nap is getting shorter and shorter....but she still plays in her crib when she wakes)! I will be sad when that nap is gone......but I suppose that just means more fun times together!

7 Wake/Eat
9 Read/Nap (1-2 hrs.)
12 Lunch
2 Read/Nap (2-3 hrs.)
6 Dinner
8 Bath/Prayers/Bedtime

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