Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Just wanted to mention a few of the "funnies" that Bella has done the past few days......

1. Yesterday we spent the day catching up on all the laundry! We did loads and loads....and she is such a good little helper. She'll stand beside me in the laundry room and help me put clothes in the dryer...one by one. Then, she'll stand by the basket full of clean clothes and hand me an item...one by one to fold. Then, we proceed to go to the closet to hang up the clean clothes and she hands them to me....one by one. =) Well, as she was handing me the clean clothes - there was a slight delay in the process. I looked to see what the hold up was and found little Bella standing in the bathroom next to the toilet with the lid down, three polos hanging out from under the lid and she was proudly patting the top of the toilet lid! (She had found the "washing machine" her size and was proudly "loading" them for washing!) HAHA! Such a funny moment....we enjoyed laughing together.....and breaking the news to dadda that we washed 3 shirts in the toilet! Ooops!

2. Today, Jer and I were chatting on the couch together and out came Bella from her bedroom with a wash cloth. She came right over to me.....lifted up my shirt and started "scrubbing" my belly button. Then, she did my legs and arms! It took me a minute to figure out what she was doing.....but I realized she was giving me a little bath! She then proceeded to do the same to dadda! =)

3. Since it has been a bit cooler, (88 degrees rather than 100) we have enjoyed going for an after dinner walk together as a family! Well, the past two nights Bella starts out in the stroller waving to neighbors, kicking her feet and so on. Then, after much persuasion from Bella, we let her get out of her stroller and walk holding our hands while dadda carries the stroller. The walk ends with Bella pushing her empty stroller down the street home. =)

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