Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Sunshine!

We've been doing our best to enjoy the last bit of summer! We have to choose our time carefully outside because it has been getting terribly H-O-T down here in the Sunshine State! =) Most of our time is spent with lots of sunscreen and in nice cool water!

Isabella has discovered a new favorite.....finger painting! Last week we were missing "dadda" one afternoon so we decided to paint him a pretty picture! Isabella loved it...and so did dadda.

Artist at work....

Pausing to blow a kiss to mamma...

Making final touches...

All done.....ready for a bath!

We also enjoyed a fun water play date with friends too! It's so much fun splashing in the water with friends and running through the sprinkler.........

Jeremy's parents (ga-ga & she-she) came over to visit for the weekend. She-She took us to lunch and shopping on Saturday while Jeremy and his dad enjoyed a day of fishing in the Gulf! We had a delicious grilled fish dinner Saturday night......there's just nothing better than fresh fish from the Gulf! =) Isabella loved showing off all her favorite toys and books........and especially had fun with all the extra attention.

It's been so nice getting back into our little routine now that our summer with the high school students is slowly wrapping up. Isabella and I enjoyed relaxing in our baby pool yesterday and playing at the water table.
We love playing with the water hose.......spraying it on each other.....and drinking from it!

The water table is oh so much fun too!

And we have the privaledge of watching military helicopters fly over us........they always seem to amaze little Bella!

We are definitely looking forward to some nice, cool, crip fall weather - but for now we are savoring every last bit of the summer months!

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