Tuesday, August 2, 2011

16 months & growing up way too fast!

Time is flying bye way, way too fast! Isabella is now officially a toddler......no more crawling or scooting - she is walking and starting to try and run! But, you know - as sad as it is when I miss her being my little baby - we have more and more fun together every day! We actually tried something new today.....finger painting! She absolutely loved it! It really turned into more "body painting".....but her little picture turned out so pretty for her "dadda." =)

She continues to have such a sweet and sensitive side to her but she has also learned the word, "no." Uh-oh! It's ok for her to respond to "no" from an adult....but it's not ok for her to say "no" back! So, we are working on that part. We've had to start implementing time-out for 1 minute in her crib for things such as repeatedly playing with plugs or being whiney at the dinner table. As much as it breaks my heart to have to put her in her crib for 1 minute and listen to her call for us, it actually works! So, hopefully this shall continue! Church nursery is getting much easier for her! Praise Jesus! =) She is now officially the "class talker." When we picked her up this past Sunday, her teacher said that she was sharing all her vocabulary with the class.......even "Bible" & "Jesus." She really is a talker.....it's hard to list all her words because honestly, she will repeat anything we tell her to "say." Now, xylophone may come out as, "i-o-neu" with a big nod.....but she tries! Her new favorite toy is her big, purple, "ball." Every time we would pass them in Wal-mart or Target she would point and say, "ball." So, I succumb and payed all of $2.50 for a big ball! She loves to try and carry it, roll on top of it and play games with us (rolling back and forth).

She also loves to sing, "The B-i-b-l-e!." She will clap while we sing it and then at the very end she raises her hands and says, "Bible!" She's also become quite the littler prayer warrior! We pray together and she holds her hands together......her favorite part is saying, "Memen!" (amen) at the end! We are just having so much fun as she loves exploring and discovering new things!

Her Stats:
Height: 30.5 inches 48%
Weight: 23 lbs. 48%
Head: 18.5 inches 75%

These are just with my measurements at home...so they may not be perfectly exact. =)
I just looked back at 15 months and she was supposedly 31.5 inches...well, either the doctor measured wrong or she has shrunk cause I'm pretty confident she is 30.5 today! =)

7 Wake/Breakfast
9 Nap
11:30 Wake/Lunch
2 Nap
4:30 Wake/Snack
6 Dinner
7:30 Bath
8 Prayers & Bed

(As you can see her naps are getting longer! I've debated whether or not to cut the morning nap and make her afternoon longer.....but she's sleepy in the morning and I like having a little break twice during the day!) =)

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