Monday, July 18, 2011


I wanted to share this song that has become special to me for various reasons this summer. I'm sure many of you are familiar with this song by Laura Story...."Blessings."

When I first heard the song a few months back, my eyes filled up with tears as it brought memories back from my previous miscarriages. It seemed as though the lyrics of the song expressed many of the emotions I had experienced. But, not only did it express many of the emotions I experienced during the difficult also expresses emotions that I feel in my heart today. It seems that over the past year or so, I've come to experience the realization that "this" (earth) is not our home! It seems that the struggle through conceiving a healthy baby as well as challenges with my body continued to reveal to me the thirst for something that this world can not satisfy! It's been my prayer that I will live each day keeping my eyes on my "home" eternal home. And it seems when my eyes our kept on what's eternal that the struggles and things of this world seems to fade in the distance because there is a hope of something greater than this world offers. So, this song holds a special place in my heart for these reasons but.....

I've also had the privilege of praying for a few dear friends of mine as they have struggled to conceive. When I hear this song it is a reminder not only to pray for my sweet friends but of the faithfulness of God to give us hope, faith and peace as we are persevering through trials. I know my friends are continuing to walk patiently as they hope for a healthy baby in their future......and I'm faithfully committed to praying for them. =)

Yesterday morning, I woke up to check my email and found an email from my college roommate with the background of Laura Story.....songwriter of "Blessings." It truly touched me.....I encourage you to read this link. (Her husband battled with a brain tumor shortly after they were married in 2006. The Lord has not chosen to completely heal her husband, but they are a living testimony of God's peace, love and hope that he offers here on this earth. Here's a link to her blog......

It's so neat how the Lord's timing is so very perfect. This song and testimony went along just perfectly with my Sunday school lesson yesterday on the Great Commission and how we are commanded to use our life as a witness to bring others to know Jesus. We always think of "Go" into the all the world as we are to "go" and "do" something.....which in a way, yes, we are to do that. But, in my studies this week on the word "go".....Jesus clearly meant "as you go"...meaning as we walk through life day to day we are to use our lives as a testimony to the Lord. Laura and her husband are truly being blessed as they use their life as a testimony of God's love and faithfulness.

I pray this song ministers to you just as it did me. We are not promised that life here on earth will be easy and always full of happiness.....but Jesus does promise that He will never leave us - that He will always walk with us offering us peace and that we have hope for our "home" to come!

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