Monday, June 13, 2011

Senior Trip...

This past weekend we took a group of our seniors to Greyton Beach! It's always a bit of a challenge to pull the seniors away from all their business.....but we got a majority of them this year and had such a fun time together! We stayed in an awesome house near the beach.
Our annual senior trip is always such a relaxing and fun trip for us babysitting involved....cause we've usually trained them right and they are young adults by the time they graduate! =)
We grilled out Friday and enjoyed a delicious dinner together. Saturday, we spent the day out at the beach......kayaking, swimming, laying out! We all ventured out for dinner and then the girls squeezed in a couple hours of shopping at the Outlets while the guys planned their "shark attack." They were determined to catch a shark....needless to say they did not. My daring husband (being the experienced fisherman that he is) bravely fought the crashing waves at 10:00 PM to drop the Shark bait out past the sand bar!!! I'm so glad that I was not on the beach to see this take place because from what the students said they were all getting nervous since he was not in sight....dark sky and big waves! Well, anyways - he made it safely to shore and they were unable to catch their shark they had hoped for.
Everyone headed home Sunday the seniors were back to the real world - looking for summer jobs and preparing for college!
These seniors will always hold a special place in our hearts. They were in 7th grade when we first started at Olive. I remember these little girlies when they were scrawny little middle schoolers in my Sunday school class......and now they've grown into beautiful young ladies! =)

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