Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heaven is for Real!

I wanted to share a book with you all that I highly recommend! Now, you know how busy we are and the thought of actually sitting down to read a the summer.... is sometimes a far off expectation. But, my mom read this book recently and shared with me bits and pieces that just made me want to experience the book also! Jeremy and I have been reading a few chapters each night together for the past couple of weeks.! It has been worth every minute of the time we carved out to experience it together! I don't want to spoil it for you so I'll just share a few little snip-its from the book. It's pretty much about a little 3 year old boy who goes through a terrible illness and has the privilege of experiencing "3-minutes" of heaven. Now, I've been a Christian since I was 5 years old and I've learned a lot about heaven, but the descriptions that this precious little boy shares over the course of a few years with his family brought tears to my eyes! Tears of joy, tears of peace, tears of anticipation! The father of the little boy also shares the trials that they have experienced together as a family........truly sharing his heart of wanting to give up and turn His back on God. But, instead of giving in to those fleshly desires he continued to diligently persevere.
I'll tell you that after reading this book I am so excited to meet my Jesus one day face to face! Oh, it will be such a glorious day! I am also looking forward to the precious day that I will be able to hold my two babies that I lost in my miscarriages nearly two years ago. I am confident that those sweet and beautiful little babies are with my Jesus! Such a wonderful peace knowing that 2 of my 3 babies are already experiencing the everlasting joy of heaven and that I will see them again! =)
So, all this to say.....go ahead and pick up this book on your next trip to Wal-mart....pour a glass of cold lemonade and read this wonderful book this summer! I promise you will be blessed!

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Courtney said...

This book is on my reading list! Maybe I should move it to No. 1.