Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Isabella has only just begun to realize how blessed she is to have Jer for her "dadda." Yes, Jer loves her so so so much and would do anything for his little princess and yes, I know he loves me a lot too......but the special part about Jer is that he loves his Jesus more than me or his little Isabella and that's what makes him the Godly man that he is and what makes him so unique in this crazy world. There are so many men who fall in love with their jobs, their hobbies, their friends.....wordly treasures and their families just fall in the shadows. I am blessed beyond words to have been blessed with a husband who puts the Lord first in all He does. He loves us with a love that only comes through the Lord. As cute as little Isabella is, she is far from perfect and Lord knows I don't even come close to having it "all together." It takes lots of patience, gentleness and tender love to care for Bella and me. =) I am so blessed that Jeremy makes family time a priority.......we have already made so many wonderful memories together as a family of three! I pray that Isabella will grow to understand the love of her Heavenly Father as she experiences the love of her earthly father.

Not only am I thankful for Jeremy on this Father's Day and for the love he shows to our little Bella, But, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my daddy. =) The love and sacrifice He has shown me over the years has truly been a love that I know is only made perfect through the Lord. Through His dedication to the Lord and his commitment to my mom and our family, he has always given me a Godly standard of a husband and father. I know not everyone has been blessed with a father with whom they have upmost respect for and some of my friends have already seen their father's taken home to be with Jesus. So, on this Father's Day I count it one treasured blessing to have my father as such an influential figure in my life and my little Isabella's life.

Here's a pic that was taken around 1989........(roughly ages 8, 7, 3)
Father's Day has always been a special day for my sisters and I....we were all baptized by my daddy on Father's days.....not all together but on various years. =) Notice the little Bible that Brit is holding....I just love it!

I'm also so thankful for Bella's "grandaddy" also known as Jer's dad.....Pappa Chip! I'm thankful for the role-model he has been and continues to be of a wonderful husband and father. He has helped instill into Jer the model of a healthy home and family and for that I am truly blessed. I am so excited that Isabella has the privilege to be loved on by such wonderful grandparents. I pray she will continue to grow to love and admire them all her days! =)

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