Monday, June 6, 2011

Girls Weekend!

This past weekend, my three best girlfriends from college and I met up in Gulf Shores! Each year we plan a weekend get away.......girls only! Nursing babies are of course are allowed to join us too! =)

Here's little Helen....Margaret's little girl who is 2 months old =)

Courtney and I enjoying a delicious dinner in Orange Beach!

Julie and Margart...and baby Helen...

I am blessed beyond words to have been blessed with such Godly friends. We have had the privilege of sharing in the exciting and adventurous college years, the early adult years of working our first jobs while balancing married life and now we are each immersed in the years of young motherhood life! These friendships are like rare jewels in my unique and so precious. We laughed about how we should write a book including our conversations from year to year......we really think that somehow it could be appreciated by some young girl out there in the world! =) Over the years our conversations have gone from sorority date parties, planning study groups, planning spring break trips, engagement surprises, wedding plans, stepping into the "working world", pregnancy, caring for an infant, baby schedules, nursing patterns, housekeeping, exercise plans, ideas for meal times.........and the list goes on!
As I shared with my mom this morning about our weekend, I told her, "Mamma, being with these friends is like having a taste of heaven......they truly edify me and they are the purest form of real friendship." I'm so thankful the Lord blessed me with these friends nearly 9 years ago. I know that we will continue to remain friends for life as our friendship and love for each other is rooted in Christ. I pray that my sweet Isabella will also be blessed with girlfriends with whom she can laugh and dance with in parking lots late at night..........cry on their shoulder when a life's challenges come along and share in joy the celebration of God's faithfulness as His plans are unwrapped for her life. I am thankful for such sweet blessings in my life.

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Courtney said...

9 Years! Wow we are old! Just kidding, I had so much fun with you too Whit, let's do it again next weekend :)