Wednesday, June 1, 2011

14 months!

Little Isabella is 14 months old today! Wow! =) She is turning into such a little toddler and it's so much fun! I miss holding her when she was a tiny infant, but these days are so exciting as we watch her totally enthralled by the world around her! It seems like she is learning something new every day and it is fascinating to watch how quickly she is changing.

Weight: 21 lb. 5 oz. 30%
Height: 30 inches 55%
Head: 18.5 inches 90%

Her daily routine continues to be mostly the same, but she is so much more adventurous and she is totally into exploring her world! She will rarely cry when she wakes in the morning, but rather she will play with her animals, aquarium or her mobile! She continues to love, love, love eating! We still haven't found a food that she doesn't like.....and if it's on mommy and daddy's plate then it's even better! =) She continues to enjoy being outside. She loves to ride in the jogging stroller and she especially likes when we pass a dog...otherwise known as "ruf-ruf". We enjoy getting together with friends during the day for story times, park dates, play dates, pool dates, lunch dates and so on. Bella has shown SO much improvement in the church nursery this month! She may cry just for a second, but then she dries up her tears and begins playing with the fun toys and her friends. Yay!!! Our prayers have been answered! I've even dropped her off twice when she didn't even shed one tear! =)

Here are some of the fun new things she is doing.....

-blowing kisses all the time

-standing up from sitting position all by herself unsupported...

-sign language: "more" & "all done" precious!
-crawling super, super fast
-walking about 10-12 steps alone
-words: "mama", "dadda", "pappa", "bubba" (aunt brit), "ki-ki" (kitty-kitty), "cheez" (cheese), "anana" (banana), "bye", "hi", "tha" (that)
-when we ask her where kitty kitty is......she starts looking for her!
-loves to flip through books on her own (sometimes upside down) =)
-enjoys sorting (pulls objects out, then puts everything back in)
-turns the tv on and off
-holds the cell phone and says "hi!"
-likes picking bark off the trees
-totally fascinated by picking up little rocks and giving them to us outside
-coloring (scribbling)....she colored her first picture in Sunday school for us!
-waves bye-bye
-gives kisses on the favorite!
-unrolls the toilet paper
-takes all her bath toys out from under the cabinet and puts them one by one in the tub!
-loves to crawl behind the shower curtain when mommy or daddy is taking a shower to play peek-a-boo =)
-pointing to our belly button.....and hers! =)

-chasing "ki-ki"...

Here's a sample schedule.......nothing much has changed for several months:

7:00 Wake/Breakfast (fruit, cereal, milk)
9:00 Story time/Nap
11:00 Wake/Snack
12:00 Lunch (fruit, veggies, meat, yogurt, cheese, milk etc)
2:00 Story time/Nap
4:00 Wake/Snack
6:00 Family Dinner (veggies, meat, cheese, milk etc)
7:30 Bath
8:00 Prayers & Bed

We did begin a little morning "school" routine this past month which she's enjoyed. We have a little chalkboard in our kitchen and I write a new letter on the board each week along with a corresponding Bible verse that goes with the letter. I also add a number/color each week. We mainly just talk about them during our mealtimes. She doesn't quite "get" them yet.....but enjoys looking at them and talking about them! =) I also put up 2 families to pray for each week. (We choose two Christmas cards/pics each week.) I thought this would eventually help her recognize her family/friends. Also, during her first story time of the day, we read one story out of her Baby Bible. Perfect way to start our day! :)

She is our little bundle of joy and we fall more and more in love with her every day! We are looking forward to a fun summer with family and friends as we make lots and lots of memories! We will do our best to update the blog throughout the stay posted! =)

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