Sunday, May 29, 2011


This sweet picture pretty much sums up our week!.....Relaxing with dear friends as we served the Lord alongside each other!

We headed down to Wauchula, Florida where Jer led worship for a Spring Renewal at First Baptist Church Wauchula. His former youth minister from when he was in high school currently serves as the Senior Pastor of the church. It was such a special week as we were able to introduce the Permenter family to our little Isabella! They have three precious children: Daniel (13), Caroline (8) and David (3). Daniel was actually the ring bearer in our wedding! He is also named after Jeremy......who's middle name is "Daniel." This sweet family has always held a special place in Jer's heart......and as soon as I met them 8 years ago, I immediately fell in love with them too!

As you can see, Isabella was the "princess" of the week! She always had someone who was holding her, rocking her, playing with her, feeding her, pushing her in the swing, pulling her in a wagon, reading to her........

She enjoyed feeding David her cheerios.....=)

It was a week full of quality time together!

Bella loved snuggling up and watching "Miss Patty Cake."

Bella and Caroline with their matching headbands........I love how my child always seems to have cheerios in her mouth! =)

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Bella enjoyed playing in the little courtyard out back with Caroline and David!

We were blessed beyond words as we spent the week with this amazing family! These 3 children are truly the most well-mannered, fun-loving, spiritual children I know!....and I know a lot of children! =) I love watching Alan and Karen gracefully parent there children. They are raising such wonderful children who truly have a love for the Lord. I enjoyed asking Karen all about homeschooling (she is a former teacher and now home schools her children.) Jeremy had fun leading worship and serving alongside Alan and the guest speaker, Dr. Bryson. We will all look forward to the next time we are able to hang out!
I'm so thankful for how the Lord places special people in our lives who remain life-long friends! It's so neat how Jeremy was under Alan's leadership as a teenager and is now having the opportunity to serve alongside him. What a special blessing to have such unique friendships who challenge, encourage and bless you. We know these friendships are a gift from the Lord!

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