Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Those were the days.....

we didn't worry about what we looked like in our bikini!" =)

Yesterday, my friend and I took our baby's to the beach and it was truly such a relaxing and fun experience! We took a quick picture of the girls before heading home......they were too cute in their little hats and bikinis. I posted the picture to my facebook page yesterday and someone commented, "Those were the days when we didn't worry about how we looked in a bikini."
That quote got me thinking......just reflecting on all the many things I'm learning from Bella's simple life. I think about how she is full of smiles and joy every morning....blowing me kisses as I walk into her room at 7 am! She's not worried about her day or wondering if she'll get breakfast but she's just happy to start another day! She gets so excited when she sees Jer and I which makes me assume that she loves us just for being us! She could care less if we've showered, brushed our teeth or done our hair. As we progress through the day, I think about how Bella waves to everyone and blows kisses to anyone she encounters. Shouldn't that be our attitude toward others? Loving and friendly to everyone no matter who they are. I think about how she never worries about whether she will be clean, when her diaper will be changed, what food she's going to eat.....never worries about whether her outfit is just so. Shouldn't that be how we trust our Heavenly Father? Seems like she just goes about her day enjoying the beauty and people around her.....I want to be more like that! I want to take time to dance when a fun song comes on........squeal with laughter when something is funny and smile at the person in the aisle at the grocery store just because. So anyways.......that one comment on my facebook picture just got me reflecting on Isabella's little life......seems like we could all learn a lot from watching a one year old live life! =)

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