Monday, May 16, 2011


Saturday night, Isabella and I made a few stops to see some pretty girls all dressed up for prom! First, we saw Miss Paige her sister Brooke. These girls are growing up so fast! Brooke was in my 8th grade Sunday school class and now she is finishing her freshman year of college! We took Paige to camp for the first time when she was going into 6th grade......and now she is a sophomore!

Miss Paige likes to hold Bella on Wednesday nights during church. =)

We love Miss Brooke!

Then, we went to see Miss Courtney.....I think Bella was fascinated by all the glitter and shiny dresses. =)

We quickly made our way to see Miss Liz and Miss Amy, 2 of our graduating seniors from church! Isabella was obviously unimpressed and tired of pictures........

We sure love these sweet girls!

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