Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cousin Sadie...and a road trip!

Due to all the terrible tornados in Huntsville, Linz and John were unable to have friends and family visit them in the hospital! On top of that, they had no power in their house.......so what does that mean!?? It means that we all gathered in Nashville to welcome Sadie home from the hospital! Bella and I were so thankful to have been able to stay for an entire week! We enjoyed every minute of the sweet family time!

I had the privilege of holding sweet Sadie bug while everyone unpacked the car and got settled in! Precious angel.....

As soon as Bella woke from her nap, she got to meet her long awaited and prayed for Sadie Caroline! She was full of sweet kisses for her.......

"Hey Sadie, you want my paci? It always makes me happy....here....you can borrow it!"

Isabella loved the new chair that Mimi bought for the girls!

She loved watching her "dadda" hit golf balls in the back yard!

Isn't this the most perfect little doll face ever.......I just love her cute little button nose...

Isabella was totally fascinated by tiny Sadie.........I think she thought she was a doll baby (that cried, pooped and wiggled)!

Pappa was helping Bella work out her arm muscles....hehe....looks like she can walk much better on her hands than her feet! =)

Pappa sure loves his baby girls....

Bella loved to point at Sadie.......if she could talk she'd probably been saying this all day long...."Mamma, look it's a baby! Can I pull her nose, fingers and toes?" =)

There was plenty of attention to go around......Uncle Matt gave Bella a special snack and I caught it on camera!

All dressed and ready for church! Bella loves her Mimi.....
(This is a gorgeous smocked dress that my dear friend Julie (Corman) made for her before she was even born!)

Linz and I are blessed beyond words to have our sweet girls! The Lord took us down a "baby journey" and taught us more than we could ever imagine! But, we are so thankful to have such healthy, beautiful little girls!

"Pappa" drove us down to Panama City to meet up with Jeremy! We enjoyed spending the weekend with my dad and the Lloyds! My dad competed in the 1/2 Ironman! =)

Bella loved walking on the golf course with Pappa!

Bella enjoyed sitting on the golf course with Pappa outside of our condo and watching the pretty "waterfall." =)

Bella seems to always find the perfect little chairs just for her! =)

Bella loved spending time with her Me-maw. And she even spent the night with her She-She and Grandaddy all by herself! =)

Jer and I enjoyed cheering for my dad at various points along the triathlon.....much easier without having to push a stroller through sand and crowds!!!

Isabella loved drinking her "coffee" out on the porch with Grandaddy.....perfect way to start a fun day! =)

We returned Saturday afternoon.......and as I was unpacking our suitcases I looked over to see that Isabella and taken each of her stuffed animals out one by one and was giving each one a sweet kiss. =)

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