Saturday, May 14, 2011

13 months!

I'm a few weeks behind on our 13 month update.....lots of traveling and having fun! =)

Bella's Statistics! (looks like her height slowed down this month.....hmmm....but not her head!)
Weight: 19 lbs. 10%
Head: 18.5 inches 85%
Height: 29 inches 35%

Isabella continues to entertain us as she grows and develops more and more each day! It's so much fun to watch her slowly transition from a baby to a toddler! She is always full of energy and loves life! She enjoys play dates with her friends as well as her weekly hang out time with the high school students at church. Those teenagers sure know how to spoil a little one year old!

(Good to know the boppy still gets great use!)
She is babbling up a storm! Sometimes, new words will pop out but most the time it's just babble with lots of inflection in her tone. She loves to hum and sing.....again no specific tune yet but lots of pretty music. (especially when she's soothing herself to sleep) Most mornings, I walk in to her room to find her happily playing with her bunnies and dolls in her crib while listening to her "Ocean Wonders" attached to the crib rail. As soon as she hears the door start to open, her little eyes peek between the crib rails and she starts giggling! Nothing sweeter than to start your day with that precious smile and full of joy personality! She continues to love chowing down on food. "Chowing" doesn't seem like a very feminine word.....but there's really know other way to describe her eating! =) She loves fruits, veggies, turkey, chicken, yogurt.......but her favorites are "cheese" and cheerios! I think she could probably eat 1lb. of cheese a day if I let her.....but we spread it out over a week or so! She loves when I take her with me for jogs.....especially if she has her little container of cheerios! =) She giggles when she swings at the park and loves to splash in the waves at the beach! She loves to work in the yard with "dadda" and doesn't even mind getting some dirt under her fingernails! She is doing so, so much better in the nursery! Praise the Lord....Praise Him! We have prayed every Sunday for let's see....nearly 13 months for Sundays to be an easier day for her. The Lord is answering those prayers! =) She still cries when I drop her off - but she is slowly able to dry up the tears and play! Her teachers last week said she actually was laughing and giggling! When we went up to "Pappa's" church......she didn't cry one tear! She is growing up! She spent the night away from us 2 nights this month. (one night with She-She and Grandaddy & one night with the Tucker family) She has some dance moves now too! It begins with her head......and the motion gradually moves down to her legs! Too cute! She is getting so smart these days! She knows how to respond to short commands such as, "give to mamma", "put in the basket", "get your bunny". We've started drawing with chalk on the driveway......with a little help from mamma! She loves to mainly take the chalk out from the box and put them back in! =) Her new favorite thing to do is play with her stuffed animals and baby dolls. The other day I walked in her room to find her rocking her baby in her little chair! It just melted my heart! She will take all the stuffed animals out one by one and give them a kiss......then she'll put them all back in! She does the same with the books on her bookshelf! She loves to have little "jobs!" (sounds all too familiar!)

Loves her chair...

Helpin' baby walk...


Here's a sample of her schedule....not much has changed but she has it down pat!

7:00 Wake/Breakfast (cereal w/milk, banana/fruit, water)
9:00 - 11:00 Story time/Nap
12:00 Lunch (yogurt, fruit, cheese, turkey, veggies, milk)
2:00 Story time/Nap
4:00 Snack
6:00 Family Dinner (veggies, meat, milk.....a little of what our meal is for the night!)
7:30 Bath
8:00 Prayers & Bed

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