Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sweet Dedication...

Our little family of three...

This is the gown that a special friend of my mom's made for me to wear for my dedication service. My sisters and I all wore it for our dedication services.

This is the dedication certificate....stating that we have "publicly dedicated themselves to God to spiritually train and educate their child."

I guess for some people a dedication ceremony wouldn't necesarily be extra special, but for us it is very important and monumental. We were blessed to have Jeremy's parents come over to share in the evening dedication service with us.

My parents wanted so badly to be able to be here but the service was re-scheduled at the last minute which made traveling plans difficult. We will all be together in a few weeks for Isabella's birthday party so we are planning on having a special little prayer time together over little Bella. =)

As I reflected on this dedication, I began to think back to when we first introduced Isabella to all of our family in the hospital room. I remember holding sweet Bella in my arms as she slept so peacefully. I was exhausted from laboring all night and overwhelmed with love for this precious little baby that brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined possible. As Jeremy and I introduced little Bella to her "Pappa", "Mimi", "Grandaddy", She-She", Aunt Linz, Uncle John, Aunt Brit, Uncle Jordo and Aunt Ellen.......I remember having such an overwhelming heart of gratitude for this miracle the Lord had blessed us with that morning. Our sweet family had joined us in faithfully praying for a healthy little baby and the Lord had blessed us with a beautiful new life that couldn't have been more perfect in every way. After shedding tears and everyone having their turn to hold baby Bella, we all circled up and had a prayer time together. I'm pretty sure there was not a dry eye in that room.......our hearts were all overflowing with thankfulness! I'll always remember that first time of prayer and dedication with my family. It was a time of thanking the Lord and praising Him for His faithfulness and goodness to us.

This past Sunday will always be remembered as a public commitment to faithfully do our best to raise Isabella in a Godly, nurturing home and to surround her with Godly men, women and children who will love her and point her to Jesus.
Here we are with our Pastor.

Jeremy and I take this commitment very seriously. God graciously gave us a precious little girl and we feel it is now our responsibility to love her with the love that only comes from God, to raise her in the truths that come from the innerant Word of God and to gently discipline her as she grows to become more like Jesus.
We know that is not in our own power but only in the strength of the Lord that we will be able to help mold her into the young lady God desires her to become.

In my prayer journal, I am already diligently praying for Isabella to have a sensitive heart to the Lord and that she will come to know Him at a young age.
They gave us this envelope for Isabella to open when she accepts Jesus as her personal Savior.

I pray that she will grow in understanding and wisdom of His Word. I pray that the Lord will bless her with Godly friends who will encourage her and inspire her to be more like Jesus.
Here is Isabella with one of her friends who also participated in the service.

I pray for her husband....wherever he is right now.....that He will also be learning the Godly truths of the Bible and that in the Lord's perfect timing they will unity their lives together.

So, to Jeremy and I this dedication service was not just a "dedication service to check off our list" but rather a public vow to our family and friends that we are committed to diligently and faithfully raising our little girl in the truths of the Lord.

We pray the Lord will continue to show us grace and mercy as we do our best to raise her as He gives us knowledge and wisdom in every way to be an example in every aspect of life to her that she may be able to pass down the truths of the Lord to her children one day.

We love you sweet baby girl and it is truly a privilege to be your parents!

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Tiffani said...

That black and white family photo is like the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.