Thursday, March 10, 2011

Learning every day!

It seems like every day Bella is growing and learning so much! I thought I would post these 2 videos.....

She loves to give kisses mouth kisses! =) She used to just give them to "mamma"....then to "dada"....but now she is willing to give everyone and everything a kiss.
We are only letting her kiss boys (anyone other than dada, pappa & grandaddy) on their hand.....=) Figured we better train her right from the beginning! Ha!

She also is starting to understand sign language. I introduced it a while back - but today was the first time she did it alone with out prompting! I asked her if she was "all done"......and she did the motion! Yay Bella! =)

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Cassie said...

Sign language? That's amazing!!