Wednesday, March 2, 2011

11 months...

I can't even believe that 11 months has gone by since I first held baby Isabella in my arms! Time sure has flown by.......everyone seems to tell me to "cherish every moment cause you'll blink and she'll be all grown up." Well, they are right.......but every time I think about how fast she is growing I actually find myself thanking the Lord for the privilege to be able to stay home with her. What a blessing to be able to spend these precious years with her as she grows and develops. I thank the Lord that she is so healthy and strong and that she is growing into such a beautiful little girl inside and out. So, in one sense it is a little sad that my baby is growing into a toddler......but on the other hand I couldn't be more thankful for the joy that she brings and the opportunities I have each day to love her and parent her.


Weight - 17lb. 5oz 8%
Height - 28 inches 40%
Head - 18 inches 80%

She is changing so much each's hard to even be able to put into words all the ways she has changed even in just the past month! But, I will do my best!

She loves her "little bunny"...we don't quite have a name for the bunny yet - but she has started holding onto his little ears when she sleeps and carries him all around the house! She loves to feed herself! She's great with me feeding her a bowl of food (pretty much because she knows her tummy gets full faster) but she enjoys feeding herself all sorts of yummy things! She is always exploring! She loves to crawl around and check everything out in the house. If I turn my back and she's not there......I usually go check her bedroom to find her sitting in front of her bookshelf flipping through books. =) She is back to loving jogs in the stroller with me! She loves the warm, spring air and the wind hitting her face. Play dates and trips to the park are also a favorite! She loves going to church on Wednesday nights and hanging out with all the high school students. She never gets bored.......I mean how could you when fun high school girls pass you around...oooh and ahh over you and entertain you! When Jer leads worship/preaches, she does her best to crawl as fast as she can down the center aisle to get to him! Her wave now has motion....not just the straight up wave anymore. She now has four pearly whites....two on top and two on bottom! And let me just say that they are s-h-a-r-p!
Nursery on Sunday mornings continues to be a challenge for little Bella........she'd much rather not have to be apart from her mommy and daddy........but hopefully, it will get easier for her in the near future!
She pulls up on everything and walks along the furniture. She'll stand alone for just a second and then plops down to her bottom. We are practicing walking holding on to our fingers!

Here's her little schedule....

7 Wake/Nurse/Breakfast (fruits, cereal)
9 Story time/Sing/Nap
11 Playtime!
12 Lunch (yogurt based, fruit, veggies, cheese, turkey)
2 Nurse/Nap
4 Snack (fruit, cheerios, water etc.)
6 Dinner (veggies, grains, meat, fruit)
7 Bath
8 Nurse/Bed

**We are down to 3 nursings a day - but we will be going to 2 in the near future. She's doing great with the sippy cup!

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