Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 months....we're into double digits! =)

Our little angel is 10 months!!! I can hardly believe it! It's getting much more challenging to get her to sit still for a picture.....she'd much rather be on the move! =)

Seems like her little personality comes out more and more every day! She definitely is a daddy & mommy's girl! She's always anxious to meet new friends - but doesn't necessarily want to be away from her mamma and daddy. =) She loves waving to everyone and everything...including our cat Jazzmyn. Jazzmyn doesn't seem to pay much attention to her yet - but Isabella is constantly trying to follow her around the house. Our trips to the grocery store continue to last right under 2 hours......due to my little shopping partner who insists on striking up conversation with everyone we pass! We definitely have begun our own little "grocery shopping ministry" with all the elderly Floridians! Haha! In all honestly, it is so sweet to think back on the numerous older people who have said, "that little smile is the sweetest thing I've seen all day......just makes my day!" =)
She continues to sleep very well! Seems like she's become quite the night sleep and napper! I discovered the "sleep sack" this month.....wish I had it 4 months ago!!! It's awesome - it's a little sack that has holes for her arms. It's made out of fleece - just something to keep her nice and cozy at night! We joke about her being like a little alarm clock.....without fail she wakes up at 6:55 every morning! I'll hear her playing for a few minutes - then she'll call for us.......her little tummy is rumbling! She loves to eat.....and eat....and eat! Nursing is still a favorite as well as veggies, fruits and her little finger foods. She loves feeding herself handfuls of food.......she can be a little monster so I to monitor how many pieces of "anana" she sticks in that little mouth! I was so thankful to see her love yogurt and cheese! With her dairy allergy in the early months - I was praying that as her digestive system matured she would be able to tolerate diary. She definitely loves it!
We continue to enjoy play dates with friends throughout the week as well as little social outings! Last week, we tried a new story time at our friend's library. I wasn't quite sure if Isabella would enjoy it.....but she LOVED it! I should have known with her loving books the way she does that she'd enjoy it........she was fascinated by the stories, new friends and bubbles!
Thank goodness, she's back to enjoying the running stroller! The past month or so - I've been able to get back to running again. Now, if we could just get some spring weather for more than a day or two! =)
One of her new favorite things to do is crawl into her room and pull of the books from her new bookshelf one at a time and look through her books! Then, she'll usually holler for me to come read to her.........
She must be the daughter of a first grade teacher.......=)

Jer pulled down all my books and I sorted through to find my favorites that I thought she would know....plenty of pictures....plenty of color and not too many words! =) I have a feeling "dadda" will be making frequent trips to the attic to pull down new books!

She officially has four pearly whites! I can't wait til her top two teeth come in enough to show through her smile! =) She continues to say...."mamma", "dadda", "anana" (banana) and I think she's starting to say "hey"!
Her slobbery, open mouth kisses are our favorite.....nothing sweeter!
OH.......and the nursery - still not her favorite place! But, I have to say - I think she's getting better! From what the teacher tells us - she isn't crying the entire 2 1/2 hours! =) Poor little thing.......has what we like to call, "separation anxiety!" This past Sunday, they said she was just crying and crying and no one could make her happy........then one of the sweet ladies walked her to the pre-school welcome table......and guess who became the new greeter for the day!??? My little angel! =) They said she dried up her tears and was just a waving to every person who came in! Maybe we should just make her the new "Olive Baptist Baby Greeter!"

Here's her little schedule....not much has changed this past month.......she continues to be somewhat disinterested in her mid-morning/mid-afternoon I have a feeling we'll be cutting those out this month! She's growing up!

7:00 Wake/Nurse/Breakfast (fruits, mixed grains, finger food - fruit)
9:30 Nap
11:00 Wake/Nurse
12:00 Lunch (veggies, fruits, mixed grains, sometimes yogurt, cheese.....)
2:00 Nurse/Nap
5:00 Wake
6:00 Dinner (veggies, chicken, mixed grains.....)
7:30 Bath/Prayers
8:00 Nursing/Bed


Height: 28 inches 50%
Weight: 16 lbs. 5%
Head: 18 inches 85%

Hmmm......looks like we better up the avocado intake since it has lots of healthy fats! =)

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