Monday, January 24, 2011

Every day is an adventure cause....

She's on the MOVE! =)

Two weeks ago Isabella decided it was time to crawl! She has been so entertaining to watch! Everyone kept asking if she was scooting lots or trying to crawl.....and the answer was always, "No, not really - I mean she'll roll around but she's not trying to crawl." Then, one night we were all relaxing together and looked down to find Isabella crawling on the living room floor! She's a girl who puts her mind to something and does it! she went! Crawling everywhere! A week later, Jeremy was playing with her on our bed. He ducked down on the floor and kept playing peek-a-boo with her. All of a sudden, she pulled her self up on the footboard! Ever since then, she's been pulling up on everything! She loves exploring all over the house! It's the cutest thing to watch because she is so petite........she looks so tiny crawling all over! =)
Who knows when she'll decide it's time to walk.......
Seems like she's a girl who knows what she wants and can do anything she wants when she puts her mind to it! Hmmm....seems like someone I know all to well. =)

Quote of the weekend......we were out to eat Sushi with friends....some people near us were totally fascinated as they watched Isabella. Then they asked me, "Ma'm how old is your baby?" I said, "Almost 10 months." They said, "Oh, wow - she's just so tiny and petite....she looks like she's 5 months but she's just so advanced in her fine motor/gross motor skills.....we thought she must be older than 5 months.......=)" HAHAHA! Seems like we've had that conversation more times than once!

She might be little - but she's full of spunk that's for sure! =)

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