Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bella's Stats!

Just a quick update on Bella's 9 month well-check! Jer stepped in as "super-dad" yesterday because I came down with a lovely stomach bug!
Jer took the day off work to take care of Bella, take her to the doctor and take good care of me!
According to Jer's report - Bella was happily waving to all the nurses and doctors as she graced them with her presence yesterday. Apparently, while she was on the examining table she decided to crawl over and attempt to explore Dr. Dean's laptop! Haha =) They drew some blood and said her iron level and blood counts are great! He was so proud of her development and "happy disposition".......he was excited to hear that she loves her solid foods and finger foods so much! He said we can begin weaning down to 3 feedings soon! We hope to introduce dairy this month and cow's milk at 11 months. Our goals is to be fully weaned by April 2! =)

Ok...her stats...

Weight 15lb 14 oz 8%
Height 27.5 inches 50%
Head 18 inches 90%

He said he's very pleased with her growth.......she's a little petite thing.....with a nicely growing head! =) Haha!

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