Thursday, January 6, 2011

9 months...

My Isabella Corrinne is now 9 months! She has now lived in this world for just as long as she lived inside the womb....crazy thought! =)

One highlight from this past month was that little Isabella experienced SNOW for the first time! We went through Atlanta and caught a few piles of snow before it melted!

It seems like this past month she has transformed from an infant baby girl to a growing up baby girl! She is on the move - well, she's doing her best to be on the move! I think the pretty Christmas tree, the sparkling decorations and the shiny packages with big bows was the motivation behind her rolling, skooting and moving around all over the place! She has figured out how to get on her elbows and knees and she moves a few inches.......then she falls to her tummy and skoots wherever she wants to go! I'm sure it won't be long before she figures out that the "crawling" position is much more efficient! She pulls up to her knees right now all by herself........I'm sure it won't be long before she gets those petite little legs underneath her! =)
After one long fussy night where the only thing that made her happy was sleeping on her mamma's chest........out popped her second tooth! Seems like the day before a tooth pops out she needs a LOT of TLC. Or at least she uses it as an excuse to cuddle with mamma and daddy lots....which we love! She has just started waving to everyone she passes! It's the funniest thing and it took me a while to figure out what she was doing. We went grocery shopping on Monday and everyone that passed by she would reach out her little hand and wave it all around! Of course, that meant that every elderly person in Pace's Walmart stopped to have a conversation with us! Needless to say it took us 2 hours to finish our shopping! Haha! Her little smile has begun to change too........don't get me wrong - as soon as she sees a camera she still give us that big smile - but now it's more of a wide grin making sure to show us her bottom two teeth. (I think this is due to the fact that we are always pulling her lip down to see her pearly whites!)
Her favorite part of the day is when she hears her daddy come in from work! She gets SOO excited when she hears his voice......and squeals with a huge smile when he rounds the corner from the garage! I think it's because he does such "daring" things with know... let's her jump on the bed.......leap off counter through the air......and go around the house in just her diaper! That's what daddy's are for I suppose!
She is a talkative little thing........she says...."Mamma"....."Dadda"......"anana" (banana) and tons of other words and sounds but we're not quite sure of their meaning yet! We were able to capture this video a while back.....

Her 9 month check up is next I'll have to add her stats. once we get the official doctor report!

Her little routine has pretty much stayed the same this month....but there have been a few tweaks! She is definitely becoming a much better sleeper! Her reflux is pretty much gone as well as her dairy allergy......which gives us all a much better night sleep these days! =)

7 am Wake/Nurse/Breakfast (fruit, oats & banana)

9 am Storytime/Nap

11 am Wake/Nurse

12 pm Lunch (fruit, veggies, rice & finger food)

2 pm Nurse/Nap

4pm Wake

5pm Nurse

6 pm Dinner (veggies, chicken, rice & finger food)

8 pm Bath/Family Prayer time

8:30 Bed

**If she wakes at night - we let her cry for a little bit and then daddy goes in to pat her and reassure if necessary.......then she drifts back off to sleep!**

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