Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Festivities

The past few weeks have been full of fall festivities with friends! Isabella and I had lots of fun at the Chosen Halloween party! (Chosen is our high school girls ministry) Isabella is a cute little mermaid.......and I'm the fisherwoman that caught her!

Of course we took a family trip to the local pumpkin patch. This year we just went to a small little one at a church.......but being a teacher and all I know that we will be taking a "family field trip" to the big pumpkin patch in years to come! Bella will love being able to cut her own pumpkin! =) I decided the night before we went that Bella needed a halloween dress to wear to the pumpkin etc! This was the best we could do with one quick trip to good ol' Walmart and one hour of sewing! haha......

"Mamma, can I have this punkin?".....says Bella boo. :)

"I can! Oh, yay! I just love punkins!".....

"This is just such a great day, mamma!"......

Needless to say, she loved standing and sitting in the middle of all the pumpkins! =)

Every family gets "the" family picture at the pumpkin here is the Lloyd's!

We enjoyed going to "Haystackular" with our friends and their babies! They had a huge hay stack maze.....a hayride......and lots of other fun activities!

As you can see from this picture, it's nearly impossible to get four babies under the age of 2 smiling at the same time for a group photo!

We also had fun at the Tyner's halloween party! Great food, fellowship with friends and lots of crazy costumes! Bella has become such a social butterfly. She was going strong at 10pm! Hahaha! "I mean it's not every day you get to dress up as a pretty mermaid and hang out with all your friends!" (says Bella)

The few pics above are examples of the faces Bella makes when her mamma is not telling her to smile pretty for the pics!!! HAHA :)


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