Wednesday, November 3, 2010

7 months!

"I can't believe I'm already 7 months, mamma!"....says Bella. =)

Here are her stats as best I can do them with my scale and my measuring tape!

Head 17.5 inches 85%
Length 26.5 inches 55%
Weight 14lbs. 12 oz 12 %

We can hardly believe that our little baby girl is already 7 months old! She is changing so much every day.....and growing up! I thought it would be fun to type out a typical day in the life of Isabella Corrinne Lloyd.....

7:00 I usually wake up to hearing her babble...."bye-bye" in her crib as she plays with her ocean aquarium

7:20 I walk in and open her window to find her full of smiles! She flaps her arms and kicks her legs as hard as she can as she laughs and giggles! We give each other morning hugs (of course I don't let go first!)

7:30 Nurse and then feed fruits w/oats...she LOVES to eat....she would nurse and eat all day long if I let her! And I still don't think she would be a chunky monkey even if she ate non-stop all day!

8:00 She plays with daddy for a little while until he leaves for work! =) She loves to play in her exersaucer......loves to roll on the floor and play with toys.....and is getting so good at sitting alone while playing!

9:00 Nap time.....we read books together & say a little prayer...then she's down. She's getting better at falling to sleep on her own - usually she'll play for 15 min......cry for 10....then I go in reassure her and pat her for a min. and she's asleep! (sleeps usually 1 hr or so.)

10:30 Nursing again! and lots of play time alone...with mamma....or running errands! Sometimes we even squeeze in a play date w/friends. =)

12:00 Solids - fruits/veggies....and practice with the sippy cup as well as self-feeding with puffs!

1:00 Nap time.....I nurse her and then lay her down and she usually is so tired she just falls right to sleep! (sleeps usually 1.5-2 hrs)

3:00 Play with mommy......this is when we venture out for a walk or jog together.....if it's a pretty day and we have the energy! Or...we may go play with a friend! =)

4:00 Nurse

5:00 Daddy usually gets home around now......and the minute he walks in the door Bella starts smiling....she knows his voice! She also knows that daddy does fun and crazy things with her too! =)

5:30 Solids - veggies w/rice...and practice with sippy cup and puffs!

6-7 Family time......dinner for mommy and daddy, play time, bath time etc.

7:00 Prayer time, Nurse and Bed......

2:00/4:00 Usually wakes up at least once or twice to nurse at night! WHEW! Mamma is exhausted! But, her doctor wants me to continue feeding at night until her weight is stabilized for several weeks since she was sick!

And somehow in that full day.......we squeeze in doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, skyping...changing dirty diapers....wiping up spit-up.....making baby food....tons of hugs and kisses......and the list goes on! =)

***Fun New Things Bella is Doing***

-jumps like crazy in her exersaucer
-plays independently...while babbling for up to 30 minutes!
-usually we rotate from floor to exersaucer to time with mommy!
-almost mastered sitting up alone!
-can hold her own body weight in standing position if put there - but isn't pulling up yet
-can reach for toys and roll to get wherever she wants to be!
-can feed herself puffs =)
-can drink from a sippy cup w/help from mamma
-loves to sleep on her knees in bed
-says "baba".....and other funny sounding words all day
-loves all food that she's been offered....except Gerber babyfood and formula! HAHA
-reaches to pet Jazzmyn and doggies
-continues to laugh and smile when she sees herself in the mirror
-is slowly adjusting to the nursery....but can usually only go 45 minutes before she let's EVERYONE know that she wants her mommy! as soon as she sees me walking down the hall - she dries up her tears.....takes a few deep breaths and gives us all a smile! =)

She continues to be such a blessing....We never knew we could love someone so much! The Lord continues to refine me to be more like him as I strive to be the wife and mother He has called me to be! :)

Fall Festivities

The past few weeks have been full of fall festivities with friends! Isabella and I had lots of fun at the Chosen Halloween party! (Chosen is our high school girls ministry) Isabella is a cute little mermaid.......and I'm the fisherwoman that caught her!

Of course we took a family trip to the local pumpkin patch. This year we just went to a small little one at a church.......but being a teacher and all I know that we will be taking a "family field trip" to the big pumpkin patch in years to come! Bella will love being able to cut her own pumpkin! =) I decided the night before we went that Bella needed a halloween dress to wear to the pumpkin etc! This was the best we could do with one quick trip to good ol' Walmart and one hour of sewing! haha......

"Mamma, can I have this punkin?".....says Bella boo. :)

"I can! Oh, yay! I just love punkins!".....

"This is just such a great day, mamma!"......

Needless to say, she loved standing and sitting in the middle of all the pumpkins! =)

Every family gets "the" family picture at the pumpkin here is the Lloyd's!

We enjoyed going to "Haystackular" with our friends and their babies! They had a huge hay stack maze.....a hayride......and lots of other fun activities!

As you can see from this picture, it's nearly impossible to get four babies under the age of 2 smiling at the same time for a group photo!

We also had fun at the Tyner's halloween party! Great food, fellowship with friends and lots of crazy costumes! Bella has become such a social butterfly. She was going strong at 10pm! Hahaha! "I mean it's not every day you get to dress up as a pretty mermaid and hang out with all your friends!" (says Bella)

The few pics above are examples of the faces Bella makes when her mamma is not telling her to smile pretty for the pics!!! HAHA :)